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  1. Kawabata Yasunari was born in Osaka in 1899.

Kawabata Yasunari

  1. Yoshimoto Banana and kawabata yasunari.
  2. For more information on Kawabata Yasunari, visit
  3. Extractions: poka-- powi--zane Kawabata Yasunari (1899-1972), japo--ski pisarz.
  4. He chose Yugashima because novelist Kawabata Yasunari was staying there.
  5. Cfr. la traduzione di Ornella Civardi in KAWABATA Yasunari, Racconti in un palmo di mano, cit., p.


  1. Per la traduzione inglese si veda KAWABATA Yasunari, The Existence and Discovery of Beauty, cit., p.
  2. Kawabata Yasunari est, sans conteste, l'un des écrivains majeurs de la littérature moderne japonaise.
  3. Writers of modern fiction, such as Mishima Yukio, Abe Kobo and Kawabata Yasunari have earned an international reputation.
  4. The book is a wonderful anthology of short stories by famous modern writers such as Kawabata Yasunari, Dazai Osamu and Enchi Fumiko.

Nobel Prize

  1. IT was in 1968 that Japanese literature bagged the Nobel prize for the first time through Kawabata Yasunari.
  2. J apan's first literary Nobel Prize winner, Kawabata Yasunari, published more than 140 exceedingly short stories.
  3. In 1968 Kawabata Yasunari became the first Japanese to win the Nobel Prize for literature, and Oe Kenzaburo won it in 1994.
  4. Kawabata Yasunari, incidentally, was the first Japanese to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature, for his novel Snow Country.
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