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  1. Ben Kenney is a good musician, but he plays far too much like a guitar player 'filling in' on bass.
  2. Ben Kenney is the bass player for Incubus and musician for many other side projects.
  3. Kirk Kenney is a sportswriter based in San Diego.
  4. Ben Kenney is a musician, and a damn good one at that.
  5. Annie Kenney was imprisoned for three days for her part in the protest, and 13 times in total. (Web site)

San Diego

  1. In 1972, a 3-month-old gray whale named Gigi was captured for brief study by Dr. David W. Kenney, and then released near San Diego.


  1. So, all in all, Harper made the right moves on this shuffle (although Kenney to multiculturalism is certainly odd, to put it mildly). (Web site)

Conservative Party

  1. Kenney would become a Conservative Party of Canada MP in a Calgary riding.

Great Guy

  1. He is a heck of a leader and a great guy and thank goodness he can swim," Kenney said.

Stephen Harper

  1. Back in 1996, Stephen Harper was a Reform MP and his friend Mr. Kenney an aspiring Alberta candidate eager to push his ideas. (Web site)


  1. The Cuban Protestants who did meet with initial success were those who traced their roots back to Kenney.
  2. Another one of these writers was Henry Beard, with whom Kenney frequently collaborated, and who became a lifelong friend.
  3. At the turn of the century, faculty members Henry and Jessie Southwick and William H. Kenney purchased the college from Dr. Emerson.


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