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  1. KOSDAQ is a stock market in South Korea established in 1996.
  2. KOSDAQ is the Korean version of America's NASDAQ (National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation) System, which is a part of the OTC market.
  3. KOSDAQ is the financial catalyst for growth in Korea's new Knowledge & High-tech based economy.
  4. KOSDAQ is the Korean version of America's NASDAQ (National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation) System, which is a part of the OTC market.


  1. Kosdaq also sets a much lower requirement for paid-in capital.
  2. Consequently, we developed KOSDAQ Codes and managed the versioning of KOSDAQ Codes.
  3. It will allow trading on the Kosdaq in exchange-traded funds (ETFs) sometime in 2003.
  4. I mean, of course there are some concerns that there is a bubble on the Kosdaq.
  5. Dealers' Automated Quotation, or KOSDAQ, subject to certain investment limitations.

Kosdaq Market

  1. On the Kosdaq market, the listing of bio-related companies is expected to soar this year.
  2. On the KOSDAQ market, daily price fluctuation limits exist to protect investors and the securities market from the excessive movements of stock prices.
  3. However, KOSDAQ market has been on a strong rally since the start of this year on the back of small investors' active buying of venture business shares.


  1. However, the PER of Kosdaq companies is as high as 174.8 as of November.
  2. The Kosdaq has tumbled 83 per cent from its 2000 peak, while the Kospi has trimmed its loss to 7.5 per cent.
  3. South Korea The Kosdaq has risen 34 per cent, its biggest increase at the beginning of a year since a 64 per cent rally in the first seven weeks of 2001.


  1. The Kosdaq market introduced the circuit breaker on Oct.
  2. The market capitalization of KOSDAQ reached W52.7 trillion on December 7.
  3. The main bourse fared well compared to the Kosdaq market.
  4. The KOSDAQ market will be widely opened in the near future.
  5. Search Results Kosdaq Stock market exchange for high-tech start-ups and SMEs.

South Korea

  1. Another boost for Kosdaq: South Korea has one of the highest levels of online stock trading in the world.
  2. KOSDAQ, South Korea's counterpart of NASDAQ, says the listing cost in the bourse is about one-twentieth of that in NASDAQ and one-fifth of Britain's AIM.


  1. Beginning January 1997, KOSDAQ implemented the use of the KOSDAQ Index, using a base date of July 1, 1996 and a base index of 100.
  2. The KOSDAQ index closed down 7.1 points or 1.03 pct at 682.85, off a low of 680.67 and a high of 692.65.
  3. The KOSDAQ index closed up 2.79 points or 0.43 pct at 651.78, after moving between 650.51 and 653.88.


  1. The Kosdaq market rose 0.41 percent.
  2. This is to compensate for the shortcoming of the KOSDAQ Index by allowing the pinpointing of price movements.
  3. The sub-index of Internet firms fell 0.09 percent, while the junior Kosdaq index rose 0.14 percent.
  4. Also, to promote capital markets for new start-ups, KOSDAQ, a second stock market for new start-up businesses, was developed.
  5. Currently, the companies listed on the KOSDAQ should distribute 10 percent of the shares when listing, and an additionally 5 percent for two years.


  1. Venture firms should more actively utilize the KOSDAQ as a source of direct financing.
  2. While KOSDAQ Index has risen by 75% since the beginning of this year, Venture Index - an auxiliary KOSDAQ market index - has been up as much as 120%.


  1. KOSDAQ is referred to as the “NASDAQ of Asia” and KOSDAQ’s online trading is being used with 865 companies as of Oct.
  2. Asia Times: Seoul exchange needs facelift to compete with Kosdaq The composite Kosdaq index gained 11 percent from 233.65 to 259.36 during the period.

Kosdaq Index

  1. The trade volume at KOSDAQ new exceeds that of Korea Stock Exchange.
  2. The trade volume at KOSDAQ new exceeds that of Korea Stock Exchange.
  3. The KOSDAQ index closed up 1.67 points or 0.25 percent at 667.71.
  4. Top kosdaq Sites - The best of the best sites for your kosdaq on the web.
  5. Find kosdaq at - is the #1 kosdaq resource.


  1. See Category:Companies traded on KOSDAQ for a list of KOSDAQ-traded companies with articles.
  2. It has been listed on the KOSDAQ since 2005 and is publicly traded.


  1. All orders are transmitted directly to the KOSDAQ company and executed on the basis of multi-price auction.
  2. In mediating trades, KOSDAQ devised a system whereby buy and sell orders are instantaneously converged to its central computer.
  3. Eight WiBro-related stocks on the Kosdaq market, including Posdata and Ace Technology, C&S Micro and KMW, soared to their daily limit-up gains.
  4. Grant Thornton, a British investment advisory group, stated KOSDAQ is one of the most successful new markets in terms of liquidity and diversity.
  5. The Kosdaq made a strong comeback in 2005, however, riding a tide of buying interest in technology stocks and favourable liquidity conditions.


  1. This category contains companies traded on KOSDAQ.
  2. The decision is aimed at boosting the KOSDAQ market and venture companies in particular.
  3. At end-2006 there were 963 companies traded on the Kosdaq Market Division, compared with 918 at end-2005.
  4. As of last March, KOSDAQ market consists of 328 registered companies, of which 261 firms are of small and medium-sized enterprises.
  5. The KOSDAQ company also publishes five subordinate indices by industry: manufacturing, services, construction, financial institutions, and others.


  1. The trading unit on the KOSDAQ market is multiples of one share.
  2. Second-stage trial trading of KOSDAQ 50 futures begins.
  3. On Monday, the Kosdaq market suspended trading for 20 minutes to contain further falls from panic-driven sell-offs.
  4. Trading resumed at the Kosdaq 20 minutes later, but the market couldn't recover earlier losses.
  5. Another boost for Kosdaq: South Korea has one of the highest levels of online stock trading in the world.


  1. The most noticeable change in the strong Kosdaq market as a whole this year is that the performance of IT stocks is not satisfactory enough.
  2. The Kosdaq index last year grew 84.5 percent, the highest in the world, increasing the market capitalization of the junior stock market by 133.1 percent.
  3. The number of real estate purchases by firms on the Kosdaq market jumped 160 percent to 37 in the first half from 15 in the same period last year.
  4. The Kosdaq index advanced 82.54 percent this year to Dec.
  5. Kosdaq made the biggest rally in the world last year.


  1. Transactions are limited to only stocks listed on the KOSDAQ market.
  2. Humax has been listed on the Korean stock exchange (KOSDAQ) since 1997.
  3. Humax has been listed on the Korean stock exchange (KOSDAQ) since 1997.
  4. It means that more than 95 percent of the 931 stocks listed on the Kosdaq suffered declines.
  5. Its shares are listed on he Kosdaq, Korea's equivalent of the Nasdaq, and 51% are owned by foreigners.


  1. KOSDAQ 50 options began trading on KOFEX.
  2. The KSE, Kosdaq and KOFEX operate as separate divisions within the Korea Exchange.

Closed Down

  1. The KOSDAQ index closed down 3.32 points or 0.56 pct at 588.64, off a high of 595.25 and a low of 586.68.
  2. The Kosdaq index closed down 9.6% to 601.33, the biggest daily loss in four years and four months.


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