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  1. Kyle Cooper is a designer of motion picture title sequences. (Web site)
  2. Kyle Cooper is a postmodern paradox.
  3. Kyle Cooper: An opening title sequence is meant to introduce the audience to what they are about to partake in. (Web site)

Kyle Cooper

  1. Ferro is known as an early master of quick-cutting and for using multiple images within one frame, a technique later taken up by Kyle Cooper.
  2. The very gifted Kyle Cooper ( Seven, Sphere, Island of Dr. Moreau) does not hide the enormous influence Saul Bass had on his work.
  3. Kyle Cooper ---s Imaginary Forces has created a short film in honor of Paul Rand.
  4. Designers Matt Cullen and Kyle Cooper hesitate to use the term “motion graphics” to describe what their companies do. (Web site)
  5. Broadcast design and animation company Primal Screen sponsors an evening with Kyle Cooper, hosted by AIGA Atlanta.
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