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  1. LARRY SITSKY is a noted Australian composer, pianist, musicologist, and educator.
  2. Larry Sitsky is a prolific composer whose modern opera Golem was recently released by ABC Classics.
  3. Larry Sitsky was the first Australian to be invited to the USSR on a cultural exchange visit, organised by the Department of Foreign Affairs in 1977.
  4. Larry Sitsky was the recipient of a Fulbright Award in 1988-89 and won an Advance Australia Award for achievement in music in 1989.
  5. Larry Sitsky is one of the foremost musicians of Australia.


  1. Larry Sitsky has composed a prodigious amount of music, no less remarkable given his other activities, including many articles.


  1. Larry Sitsky, born in China of Russian-Jewish parents, travelled to Australia in 1951 and settled in Sydney. (Web site)


  1. Larry Sitsky is known throughout Australia as a composer.

Larry Sitsky

  1. Lazar Sitsky, known generally as Larry Sitsky, born September 10, 1934, is an Australian composer, pianist, and music educator and scholar.
  2. Larry Sitsky is composer, pianist and musicologist.


  1. Australian Composer
  2. Musicologist
  3. Music Educator
  4. First Australian
  5. Prolific Composer
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