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  1. Las Condes is a privileged place to enjoy exquisite and varied gastronomy.
  2. Las Condes is een gemeente in de Chileense provincie Santiago in de regio Región Metropolitana.


  1. Some municipalities (such as Santiago or Las Condes) have private guards; however they usually don't speak English.

Central City

  1. Previously, we stayed in the central city, but we far prefer Las Condes & would definitely stay here again.


  1. La comuna de Lo Barnechea fue creada el 9 de marzo de 1981, como parte de una subdivisión administrativa de la comuna de Las Condes.

Las Condes

  1. Finally, a visit will be paid to Providencia, the new nucleus of the city, and the residential areas of Las Condes and Vitacura.
  2. The InterContinental Santiago Hotel is located in the ''El Golf'' area of Las Condes, in the heart of Santiago's new financial district.
  3. Providencia and Las Condes and Vitacura districts are very fashionable with good hotels, shops, restaurants, bars. (Web site)


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