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  1. Lawrence Kohlberg is a moral philosopher and student of child development.
  2. Lawrence Kohlberg is a good example of a psychologist working on descriptive ethics.
  3. Lawrence Kohlberg was a developmental psychologist who devised an influential theory about moral reasoning. (Web site)

Harvard University

  1. In an article written in 1987: The body of Lawrence Kohlberg, a professor of education at Harvard University who had been missing since Jan.


  1. Gilligan was a colleague of Lawrence Kohlberg at Harvard.

Child Development

  1. Lawrence Kohlberg is a moral philosopher and student of child development.

Jean Piaget

  1. Jean Piaget?s cognitive development theory and Lawrence Kohlberg?s moral development theory.

Carol Gilligan

  1. This paper compares and contrasts the developmental theories of moral learning of Jean Piaget, Lawrence Kohlberg, Elliot Turiel and Carol Gilligan.

Lawrence Kohlberg

  1. For example, attachment theory describes kinds of interpersonal relationships and Lawrence Kohlberg describes stages in moral reasoning. (Web site)
  2. Lawrence Kohlberg (1963) presented six stages of moral development which, although criticized by some, is accepted today as a useful model.
  3. Lawrence Kohlberg 's stages of moral development described how individuals developed moral reasoning.[6] Jane Loevinger, Stages of ego development.


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