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  1. Leadership is an occasional ACT, like creativity, not a role or position.
  2. Leadership is a relationship Leadership is about a relationship between leader and follower.
  3. Leadership is the process of inspiring others to work hard to accomplish important tasks.
  4. Leadership is a dynamic or changing process in the sense that, while influence is always present, the persons exercising that influence may change.
  5. Leadership is the mechanism for this, and specific models known as transformational or visionary leadership (Bennis & Nanus, 1985) are most effective.


  1. A team structure can involve sharing power equally on all issues, but more commonly uses rotating leadership.
  2. Many definitions of leadership involve an element of vision --- except in cases of involuntary leadership and often in cases of traditional leadership.


  1. Leadership advisers whose focus is upon partnering with CEOs, boards and top managers.
  2. Not to mention the potentially conflicting leadership manifestations of boards of directors and of Chief Executives.

Leadership Style

  1. However one determines leadership behaviour, one can categorize it into various leadership styles.
  2. Transactional leadership is really just a way of managing rather a true leadership style as the focus is on short-term tasks.

Leadership Development

  1. Offers customized outdoor adventure workshops in teambuilding and leadership development for corporations and other professional groups.
  2. Leadership development seminars,and executive lifestyle management (personal fitness training, cofidential counselling).


  1. Competence or perceived competence provides a possible basis for selecting leadership elites from a broader pool of potential talent.
  2. Trait theories intended to identify traits to assist in selecting leaders since traits are related to leadership effectiveness in many situations.

Management Styles

  1. Any of the bipolar labels traditionally ascribed to management style could also apply to leadership style.
  2. Some management styles tend to de-emphasize leadership.

Whole Team

  1. The core group provides leadership in working out the details of the piece, and presents their ideas to the whole team.
  2. Others may see the traditional leadership of a boss as costing too much in team performance.
  3. In many ways, servant leadership is a form of democratic leadership, as the whole team tends to be involved in decision-making.
  4. We provide technical expertise, team facilitation, leadership, and direction in deciding how you will meet the challenge.
  5. Creative, fun and results-oriented workshops to increase team performance, communication, leadership and creativity.

Servant Leadership

  1. It is written by people who seem to be followers of Greenleaf, and have bought into his servant leadership.
  2. Hostmanship is a leadership approach that mirrors what is called servant leadership, a business leadership concept developed by the late Robert Greenleaf.


  1. Includes development of leadership, team and trainer skills.
  2. Outdoor experiential leadership and team development.
  3. Impact provides leadership training and development programmes worldwide.
  4. Speakers and resources for the development of leadership, motivational and communication skills.
  5. Offers training in management development, leadership, teambuilding and communication skills.

Training Programs

  1. Providing Leadership, Management, and Executive development seminars and training programs with a proven track record of producing results.
  2. Provides leadership and management training programs, located in Texas.

Management Development

  1. At certain stages in their development, the hierarchies of social ranks implied different degrees or ranks of leadership in society.
  2. In organizational development, leadership development is the strategic investment in, and utilization of, the human capital within the organization.
  3. Kesslin Associates - Provides coaching, leadership development and emotional intelligence assessments.
  4. Caret - Specializes in leadership and management development, and organizational effectiveness.


  1. One can speak of a front-runner in a sprint or of the "leader" in an election or poll as in a position of leadership.
  2. One can also characterize leadership by the period of the authority, as in "During the 1940s Russia was under Stalinist leadership".
  3. And the bias against women having leadership as a position of authority occurs in most cultures in the world.
  4. Under the American theory, the authority of the leadership derives from the power of the voters as conveyed through the electoral college.

Personal Development

  1. Competence and skills training - personal development, managerial skills and leadership courses.
  2. Cultivate Greatness: Cultivate Greatness offers advice on how to live your life better through personal development and leadership.

Leadership Skills

  1. Acquire sustainable leadership skills aimed at maximum managerial impact, personal and team confidence building, and better bottom-line performance.
  2. And soon, learn leadership with our leadership skills site,
  3. Consulting on improving relationships in organisations, leadership skills and personal development, based on treating people with love, dignity and respect.

Succession Planning

  1. Additionally, succession planning and leadership development often has inadequate focus on midlevel managers.
  2. Currently, the OPM is also in the process of enhancing specific leadership development programs for midlevel managers.
  3. The issues of succession planning or legitimation become important at times when leadership might or must change due to term-expiry, accident or senescence.

Leadership Training

  1. Contract negotiation, dispute settlement, and leadership training are all part of the Human Resources realm.
  2. Executive, leadership training, team building and organizational coach.
  3. Professional speaker and trainer presenting business keynotes and leadership training programs.


  1. Provides leadership and communication seminars and keynote speeches.
  2. Provides workshops, seminars, retreats and keynotes on communication, supervision, customer service and leadership.

Leadership Coaching

  1. Hereditary autocrats meet in the United Nations on equal representative terms with elected governments in a collegial leadership.
  2. Executive coaching, leadership coaching, and life coaching help our clients learn how to put knowledge into practice in their daily lives.
  3. Leading Edge Mentoring is a recognized consulting firm in leadership and governance process.
  4. Staropoli Consulting Provide leadership coaching, family-owned business, team building, succession planning, and conflict resolution.

Business Coaching

  1. And as such the birth of executive & business coaching emerged from leadership Programs in the 1980's (Zeus & Skiffington, 2005).
  2. Offers leadership mentoring, team building, change management facilitation, business coaching and motivational speakers.
  3. Eagle’s View Consulting is at the forefront of business process improvement, business coaching, leadership and time management training.


  1. In some languages the term for a leader and the term for the principle of leadership have very different meanings.
  2. The simplest way to measure the effectiveness of leadership involves evaluating the size of the following that the leader can muster.
  3. Leadership involves communicating a vision.
  4. Non-business organizations should find it easier to articulate a non-money-driven inspiring vision that will support true leadership.
  5. In practice, most leaders use both task-oriented and people-oriented styles of leadership.

Managerial Grid

  1. Blake and Mouton,20 developed a model of leadership styles during the 1960s which they call the Managerial Grid.
  2. The five leadership styles of the managerial grid include impoverished, country club, produce or perish, middle-of-the road, and team.
  3. Certainly, the Party leadership is the last resort of decision-making, but meanwhile it tolerates moderate forms of dissent.


  1. In many cases group leadership (multiple leaders) can prove effective.
  2. It also includes the skills and knowledge needed to implement effective leadership.

Leadership Management

  1. Develop professional skills through leadership training and development.
  2. Consulting and coaching in leadership and management skills.
  3. One to one and small group coaching in leadership and management skills.
  4. Collaborative approaches to leadership, teamwork, facilitation and personal growth including the Captains Courageous sailing adventure.


  1. This undercutting of the importance of leadership may serve as a reminder of the existence of the follower: compare followership.
  2. For a more general take on leadership in politics, compare the concept of the statesman.
  3. Compare servant leadership.


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