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  1. Leonard Bloomfield, A set of postulates for the science of language, 1926. (Web site)

American Linguist

  1. Charles Hockett was an American linguist whose work followed in many respects that of Leonard Bloomfield.

Strong Hand

  1. First, a penchant for the scientific gave rise to American Structuralism under the strong hand of Leonard Bloomfield.

American Linguists

  1. He also made the acquaintance of many American linguists and anthropologists, such as Franz Boas, Benjamin Whorf, and Leonard Bloomfield. (Web site)


  1. According to Leonard Bloomfield, a word is a minimum free form (compare: a sentence is a maximum free form, according to Bloomfield).

Edward Sapir

  1. After Boas, the two most influential American linguists were Edward Sapir (died 1939) and Leonard Bloomfield (died 1949).

Leonard Bloomfield

  1. Following fieldwork in Kickapoo and Michoacán, Mexico, Hockett did two years of postdoctoral study with Leonard Bloomfield in Chicago and Michigan.
  2. Then he went on studying under Edward Sapir and Leonard Bloomfield at the University of Chicago.
  3. While enrolled at Ohio State, Hockett became interested in the work of Leonard Bloomfield, a leading figure in the field of structural linguistics.


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