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  1. Lojban is simple compared to natural languages; it is easy to learn.
  2. Lojban is regular; the rules of the language are without exception.
  3. Lojban is one of the most difficult languages to learn.


  1. Lojban is regular; the rules of the language are without exception.

Own Language

  1. Supporters of Lojban use the term Loglan as a generic term to refer to both their own language, and that of The Loglan Institute.

Natural Language Processing

  1. Modern logical languages like lojban however are even better suited for purposes of natural language processing.


  1. Other constructed languages strive to be more logical ("loglangs") than natural languages; a prominent example of this is Lojban.
  2. Logical languages, for example, Loglan and Lojban, aim to eliminate ambiguity.
  3. Lojban and Loglan are two related languages which have been created with this in mind.


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