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  1. Lou Krieger is a poker expert and an online writer for Poker Pages.
  2. Lou Krieger is a professional poker player and host at Royal Vegas Poker.
  3. Lou Krieger is a professional poker player, the author of Poker for Dummies and host of the Royal Vegas Poker website.
  4. Lou Krieger is a professional poker player and Hold em Excellence From Beginner to Winner is his first book.
  5. Lou Krieger is a prolific poker author who has been helping people become winning players for over a decade.

Lou Krieger

  1. Visit Lou Krieger at
  2. Lou Krieger and Mark Tenner are two of the best when it comes to Omaha 8.
  3. Royal Vegas poker room - Lou Krieger is a host of our Royal Vegas Poker and Co-author of "Poker for Dummies".
  4. There is no disputing that Lou Krieger is a fundamentally sound limit poker player who shares proper poker strategy.
  5. Hold'Em Excellence: From Beginner to Winner by Lou Krieger This book shows you how to advance from the ranks of the beginners to the realm of the winners.


  1. I met Amy Calistri who was a fan of my blog and she introdcued me to Lou Krieger.
  2. Lou Krieger's Poker Blog Since the Age of 7, Lou Krieger has come a long way in the Poker world.
  3. Poker for Dummies by Lou Krieger and Richard Harroch isn't exactly going to be the book that will turn you into a poker god.
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