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  1. Luigi Pirandello - A biographical sketch of the Italian playwright. (Web site)
  2. LUIGI PIRANDELLO is a happy choice for this year's Nobel Prize in literature.
  3. Luigi Pirandello is a short, slight, active Italian gentleman of some 56 years, with a gray beard and bright brown eyes.
  4. Luigi Pirandello was also a poet. (Web site)
  5. Luigi Pirandello was born in 1867 in Girgenti (now Agrigento) on the island of Sicily.

Luigi Pirandello

  1. Così è (se vi pare) - Atto primo - Luigi Pirandello. (Web site)
  2. The paper examines the drama "Six Character in Search of an Author", written by Luigi Pirandello, which is play within a play.
  3. Luigi Pirandello - Picture - MSN Encarta Luigi Pirandello ranks as the most important and innovative Italian dramatist of the early 20th century. (Web site)


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