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  1. Maceo Parker (born February 14, 1943) is a gifted funk and soul jazz saxophone player, best known for his contributions to James Brown 's distinct sound.
  2. Maceo Parker is one of the best saxophone players of all time.He has such a fluid Funky sound that no other sax player has,in my opinion.


  1. Wesley toured with his colleagues from the James Brown band, Pee Wee Ellis and Maceo Parker as the JB Horns in the early nineties.
  2. In the early nineties Wesley toured with his colleagues from the James Brown band, Pee Wee Ellis and Maceo Parker, as the JB Horns.

Own Band

  1. Wesley was featured trombonist with Maceo Parker until 1996 when he formed his own band, The Fred Wesley Group.

Earliest Years

  1. His earliest years were spent playing in R&B and funk bands in emulation of his first hero, Maceo Parker.

George Clinton

  1. On the Fourth of July, Wesley quit the group to join up with George Clinton, and Maceo Parker soon followed.

Fred Wesley

  1. The following year, Maceo Parker and Fred Wesley (also from the JBs) joined Parliament, enhancing the horns and adding a new, jazzy dimension to the music.
  2. With Fred Wesley and Maceo Parker he recorded a number of albums that defined a distinctive brand of jazz-funk.

Maceo Parker

  1. He also worked on different occasions with famous jazz and funk musicians, such as Miles Davis, Larry Graham, George Clinton, and Maceo Parker.
  2. When Clinton had wanted horns for the first time, Bootsy had reached out to Fred Wesley and Maceo Parker.


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