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  1. The Mackenzie Mountains are a mountain range forming part of the Yukon - Northwest Territories boundary between the Liard and Peel rivers. (Web site)
  2. The Mackenzie Mountains is a wilderness area that abounds in wildlife.

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  1. It is located at 63°54′42, N°135′29, between the valley of the Stewart River to the south and the Mackenzie Mountains to the north. (Web site)

Southwestern Corner

  1. In the far southwestern corner of this territory lies Nahanni National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Mackenzie Mountains.

Ross River

  1. It rises in the Mackenzie Mountains and the community of Ross River can be found where it joins the Pelly.


  1. The Arctic Red River's headwaters are in the Mackenzie Mountains, from where it flows 500 km (300 mi) NW to its confluence with the Mackenzie.


  1. The Mackenzie Mountains hold about 55% of the world's known reserves of tungsten.

Mountain Goat

  1. Tulita is surrounded by mountains, the latter renowned for Dall's sheep, and faces the Mackenzie Mountains to the west, which has Mountain Goat.

Mackenzie Mountains

  1. The mining town of Tungsten, Northwest Territories, site of the Cantung Mine is in the Mackenzie mountains.
  2. Its ragged eastern boundary mostly follows the watershed between the Yukon Basin and the Mackenzie River watershed to the east in the Mackenzie mountains. (Web site)


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