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  1. Malerkotla is a city and a municipal council in Sangrur district in the Indian state of Punjab.
  2. Malerkotla, a Muslim Pathan(sherwani) state, is most respected house in Punjab.
  3. Malerkotla was the only safe haven for Muslims.
  4. Malerkotla was won without any resistance, because it was the Nawab of Malerkotla, who had fervently appealed against the killing of Guru's two younger sons.
  5. Today Malerkotla is the only place in Punjab that has a Muslim majority.


  1. As of 2001 India census[1], Malerkotla had a population of 106,802.


  1. In this formation and continuing their march, they fought the invaders and their Indian allies (The Nawabs of Malerkotla, Sirhind, etc.) desperately.


  1. Near the village of Kup, in the vicinity of Malerkotla, about 20,000 Sikhs died at the end of a single day's action (February 5, 1762).

Muslim Majority

  1. Due to the Muslim majority in Malerkotla in schools across Malerkotla Urdu is taught alongside Punjabi and Hindi.


  1. Guru Gobind Singh on learning this kind and humanitarian approach profusely thanked the Nawab of Malerkotla and blessed him with his Hukamnama, Kirpan etc.


  1. When the Afghan leader came to know of the whereabouts of the Sikhs, he sent word ahead to his allies in Malerkotla and Sirhind to stop their advance.
  2. On their way back from river Attak, the Singhs looted Gujrat, Sialkot, Sirhind and Malerkotla turn by turn, these states were protectorates of Abdali.


  1. Consequently the army of Malerkotla had been fighting battles against Guru Gobind Singh under the directions of Wazir Khan, the Faujdar of Sirhind.
  2. During the Mughal rule, Malerkotla was under the Faujdar of Sirhind.


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