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  1. Margaret Bourke-White is a woman of many firsts.
  2. Margaret Bourke-White was a preeminent photojournalist who gained fame for her striking images published in Fortune and Life magazines in the 1930s-50s.
  3. Margaret Bourke-White was one of the pioneering photojournalists of the 20th century.


  1. Margaret Bourke-White is a woman of many firsts.

American Photographer

  1. Margaret Bourke-White, American photographer of a Polish-Jewish background, well-known through her pioneering in photojournalism.


  1. They will fascinate anyone interested in the life and work of Margaret Bourke-White and the early history of American photojournalism. (Web site)

Twentieth Century

  1. The woman is Margaret Bourke-White.She was one of the leading news reporters of the twentieth century.
  2. Margaret Bourke-White was, and still is, one of the most important photographers of the twentieth century.

First Issue

  1. Luce ignored tense world affairs when the new Life was unveiled: the first issue depicted the Fort Peck Dam in Montana photographed by Margaret Bourke-White.


  1. There he influenced a new generation of photographers, including Margaret Bourke-White and Dorothea Lange. (Web site)

Margaret Bourke-White

  1. MARGARET BOURKE-WHITE: THE EARLY WORK, 1992-1930 provides a new gathering with a focus on her earliest work, when she was an amateur.
  2. Inspired by such work, many photojournalists, including Alfred Eisenstaedt and Margaret Bourke-White, also emerged during this period. (Web site)
  3. Branching even further from New York City, Margaret Bourke-White and Walker Evans both looked at rural life in their work.


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