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  1. Mary Wilson (born March 6, 1944) is an American singer best known as a member of the Motown soul and pop group The Supremes.
  2. Mary Wilson was the first child born to Sam and Johnnie Mae Wilson.
  3. Mary Wilson was the first child born to Sam and Johnnie Mae Wilson, a domestic worker who later became a housewife, in Greenville, Mississippi.
  4. Mary Wilson was the one with the twinkle in the eyes and a voice made of velvet.

Hit Songs

  1. The celebrities included Mary Wilson, Ben E. King and Sarah Dash, and Baker herself performed some of her hit songs.

Backing Vocals

  1. In 1982 Scherrie recorded a "high energy" dance version of the 10cc classic "I'm not in love", with Mary Wilson on backing vocals.


  1. In 1979, Wilson had her first solo album, Mary Wilson, released by Motown, which included a single titled "Red Hot".


  1. In 1974, Mary Wilson, who had maintained a rapport with Ballard over the years, invited Ballard to fly out to California to visit.

Personnel Changes

  1. Jean Terrell replaced Ross, and the group continued through 1977, with some more personnel changes (although Mary Wilson was always involved).

Pop Hits

  1. Ross, Ballard, and Mary Wilson recorded ten #1 US pop hits between 1964 and 1967, all of which featured Ross on lead vocals.


  1. Tucker had been considered as a replacement for Cindy Birdsong in the Supremes in 1972, but Mary Wilson chose her sister Lynda Laurence instead.
  2. By the way nothing intended to Mary Wilson, I love her and in years with The Supremes and after their disband, she has proven she is a good singer too.

Diana Ross

  1. While Diana Ross remains an international icon and Mary Wilson continues to perform nationwide, Ballard is known, if at all, as a tragic figure.
  2. By 1967, both Ballard's and her band mate Mary Wilson 's importance diminished within The Supremes as Diana Ross was spotlighted as the group's focal point.

Florence Ballard

  1. Mary Wilson and Florence Ballard were good friends in junior high school with a mutual interest in singing.

Mary Wilson

  1. A tribute to Diana Ross, Florence Ballard and Mary Wilson of The Supremes while their cover of a hit originaly meant for them plays.
  2. Diana Ross started singing in a trio as a teenager, and in 1960 she and her two partners, Florence Ballard (1943-76) and Mary Wilson (b.


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