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  1. The Master Equation is a differential difference equation which keeps track of all of the molecules in the system.


  1. It is shown that a "best possible" master equation may always be defined, for approximating the evolution in the case that no exact master equation exists. (Web site)

Probability Distribution

  1. The macroscopic equations resemble the reaction rate equations and the probability distribution for the stochastic variables satisfy a master equation.

Dirac Equation

  1. The Dirac equation has been derived from the master equation of Poisson process by analytic continuation.

Latter Form

  1. Thus, in the latter form of the master equation there is no need to define the diagonal elements of T.

General Forms

  1. Starting from this fact, we investigate what general forms a master equation, Markovian or non-Markovian, may take. (Web site)

Master Equation

  1. Another generalization of the master equation is the Fokker-Planck equation which describes the time evolution of a continuous probability distribution. (Web site)
  2. The master equation exhibits detailed balance if each of the terms of the summation disappears separately at equilibrium — i.e.
  3. In this paper, Gillespie considers the time evolution of the system as a kind of random walk that is governed by the Master Equation.


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