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  1. Matabeleland is a region in the west and south-west of Zimbabwe, between the Limpopo and Zambezi rivers.
  2. Matabeleland is a side issue.


  1. He had stood as a ZANU(PF) candidate in Matabeleland and lost his deposit.
  2. The party has also failed to field candidates anywhere outside Matabeleland.


  1. In 1983-84, the government declared a curfew in areas of Matabeleland and sent in the army in an attempt to suppress dissidents.
  2. Killings of peasants, torture, detentions and military rule over Matabeleland followed.
  3. In Matabeleland North in 1983, there were widespread public beatings and executions.
  4. By early 1982 there were groups of armed dissidents in Matabeleland killing, robbing, and damaging property.
  5. In Matabeleland South in 1984, there were beatings, widespread detentions and a cruel food curfew that caused great hardship to thousands.


  1. The main reason for the spread of dissidence in Matabeleland was the historical deep-seated mistrust between the Ndebeles and the Shonas.
  2. The intensity of the ferocious assault against Matabeleland reached a dangerous point and that compelled Ndebele leading politicians to seek peace.
  3. Thy were forcing them to sing songs in Shona, liberation songs, nothing to do with Matabeleland.


  1. The Ndebele ethnic group is also found in Matabeleland in Zimbabwe, where they are known as the Matabele.
  2. The Ndebele-Shona ethnic hostilities effectively locked ZANU-PF campaigners out of Matabeleland.
  3. By the end of the military confrontation, a heightened fear of ethnic annihilation began to grip Matabeleland.


  1. Bulawayo, the traditional capital of the Ndebeles of Matabeleland.
  2. The capital of Matabeleland North is now Lupane, as Bulawayo is a stand-alone province.
  3. He was buried at World's View in the Matopo Hills (near Bulawayo in Matabeleland).
  4. The MDC won all 19 seats in Harare, all 8 in Bulawayo and took 13 of the 15 seats in Matabeleland.


  1. ZIPRA troops in other parts of Matabeleland headed for Bulawayo to join the battle, and ex-Rhodesian units had to come in to stop the fighting.
  2. In Zimbabwe, the South African intelligence service promoted ZIPRA dissidents in what became known as the super-ZAPU insurgency in Matabeleland.


  1. Matabeleland North rural area, accusing them of supporting the opposition.
  2. He is now a member of the opposition Patriotic Union of Matabeleland.


  1. Mugabe and his ruling ZANU PF party have only ever been able to control Matabeleland, heartland of the minority Ndebele tribe, by force.
  2. Basically the "new" ruling party will consist of ZAPU supporters in Matabeleland, and ZANU(PF) supporters in the East.
  3. Last minute efforts were made to establish an Ndebele-speaking leadership for the campaign in Matabeleland.
  4. In February 2002, ahead of the Presidential election, army and militia clashed openly in Nkayi district in Matabeleland.


  1. Most people in Mashonaland had no idea what was really happening, nor would they have wished ordinary people in Matabeleland to have been persecuted.
  2. At this time, the divisions of Southern Rhodesia were Mashonaland and Matabeleland.
  3. In 1888 Rhodes secured an agreement from Lobengula to take over and colonise Mashonaland, the territory lying to the east of Matabeleland.

Matabeleland North

  1. Matabeleland North is a province of Zimbabwe.
  2. The disproportionate number of Shona-speaking teachers and headmasters in Matabeleland schools remained a sensitive issue.
  3. Driven north (1837) by the Boers and by the Zulus, Mzilikazi crossed the Limpopo River and established his people in Matabeleland, their present homeland.
  4. On March 8, several men abducted Mthulisi Mloyi, an MDC member, while he was putting up posters in the Nkayi area (Matabeleland North) for an MDC rally.
  5. Archbishop Ncube has served at several parishes in and around Matabeleland.

Matabeleland South

  1. Beitbridge is a border town in province of Matabeleland South, Zimbabwe.
  2. It is now divided into two provinces: Matabeleland North and Matabeleland South.
  3. Gwanda is the capital of the province of Matabeleland South in Zimbabwe.
  4. There was only one report of violence against a female teacher in Matabeleland South.
  5. Maize production in Matabeleland South is estimated at only 234 tonnes, compared to 10 034 tonnes in 2001, indicating the extent of the drought.


  1. During the campaign of terror in Matabeleland in 1983 and 1984 he was known as "Black Jesus".
  2. The Government responded by sending the North Korean-trained Fifth Brigade to Matabeleland in early 1983 to quell dissent.
  3. Perence Shiri commanded the 5th Brigade which carried out a reign of terror in Matabeleland during 1983 and 1984.
  4. KEANE: Within days of their deployment here in Matabeleland the 5th Brigade began to spread terror among the civilian population.


  1. Part of Matabeleland South around the city of Zvishavane annexed to Midlands.
  2. People who live in Matabeleland and parts of the Midlands know only too well what happened to them during the 1980s.


  1. Matabeleland and Mashonaland would continue on as provinces of this new nation.
  2. Ndebele People of the provinces of Matabeleland.


  1. Faced with this prospect, Mugabe had every reason to consider the military cost of repression in Matabeleland.
  2. Robert Mugabe has unleashed a new wave of repression, but we first saw the real Mugabe in Matabeleland.


  1. These are Tsholotsho and Matobo, one district from each province of Matabeleland.
  2. What we want is change." Lovemore Moyo, the MDC legislator for Matobo, said it would be folly for Mugabe to expect any votes from Matabeleland.


  1. Similarly, most people in Matabeleland did not become dissidents, nor did they support what the dissidents did.
  2. It is this, and ZAPU's retention of support in Matabeleland in the 1985 elections, which has advanced the discussions.
  3. The MDC’s overwhelming support in the rural areas of Matabeleland has grown since the 2000 elections.


  1. He said "Ah yes, those massacres in Matabeleland, the Foreign Office told me that it was all exaggerated.
  2. Was in charge of Zimbabwe's secret service during the "Matabeleland massacres" in the early 1980s, when thousands of Mr Mugabe's opponents were killed.


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