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  1. A melody is a series of notes sounding in succession.
  2. Melody is a crisp semi-dry wine that offers delicate floral and vanilla aromas and bright citrusy flavors.
  3. Melody is a universal human phenomenon, traceable to pre-historic times. (Web site)
  4. A melody was added a few years after the Paris Commune by a French factory worker, Pierre Degeyter.
  5. Melody is traditionally considered, along with rhythm and harmony, as one of the three fundamental elements in music.

Haunting Melody

  1. SPELLMAN: That's right, because Miles Davis and Wayne Shorter are playing one melody - a very haunting melody, in a certain sort of unison.

Melody Makers Live

  1. The music continued well into the new millennium, as Marley released Ziggy Marley & the Melody Makers Live, Vol.

Original Melody

  1. Sometimes improvisation included references to the original melody or to other well-known melodic lines ("allusions," or "riffs").
  2. Some settings are taken directly from Playford and other sources; some are improvised by the band based around the original melody.
  3. Harmonizing in when someone sings either above or below the original melody within the chord structure of a song, and of course, making it sound good.

Lyrical Melody

  1. Then came Harmer and her band with a 10-song set, heavy on lyrical melody and mercifully light on environmental politics.
  2. Paganini’s work imitates two violinists at once, the one playing a lyrical melody, the other a tremolando accompaniment, mostly in thirds.

Melody Instrument

  1. The cavaquinho appears sometimes as a melody instrument, other times as part of the rhythm.

Main Melody

  1. To hear a sound among violin sounds, just listen to Busch's treatment of the pizzicato chords at the point where the piano takes the main melody.
  2. There are either one or two ugal, which play an ornamented version of the main melody - the pokok - of the piece.

Melody Line

  1. A fake book contains the melody line along with lyrics and chord symbols.
  2. Each tune presented in this book includes: 1) the historical background of the tune; 2) the melody line of the tune; and 3) the lyrics of the tune.
  3. Rhythm, tempo and beat are subordinate to the melody line or tune, which is generally easily memorable, and followed without great difficulty.

Cantus Firmus

  1. The melody of the concluding chorale often appears as a cantus firmus in the opening movement.

Chorale Melody

  1. A coloration chorale stated the chorale melody in the top part as a cantus firmus and disguised the original melody by using ornamention.
  2. The chorale melody was modified but otherwise kept intact as cantus firmus.
  3. Chorale Variation: theme and variation work for organ or harpsichord in which a chorale melody is the theme.

Broadway Melody

  1. In the DVD edition, only the latter part of the "The Broadway Melody" music is used, and is replaced by the Cohan song before the credits are half over.

Melody Time

  1. Rating: - Melody Time is good, in parts Melody Time was made by Walt Disney in a time when he needed to make a movie.


  1. If the residents had some old songs, A.P. would write down the lyrics and Lesley would strum along and memorize the melody.

Vocal Melody

  1. With vocal melody, lyrics, chord names, guitar chord diagrams and strum and pick patterns.
  2. With guitar tablature, standard notation, vocal melody, lyrics, chord names, guitar chord diagrams and guitar notation legend.

Melody Maker

  1. The album ultimately reached the top 30 UK album chart and the band appeared on the cover of Melody Maker twice (24 September 1988 and 18 February 1989).
  2. Jim Walker (né James Donat Walker), a Canadian student newly arrived in the UK, was recruited on drums, after answering an ad placed in Melody Maker.
  3. In March, a series of articles Everett True had written for Melody Maker on the Seattle scene in general and Mudhoney in particular were published.

Melody Makers

  1. In addition to the four siblings in the Melody Makers, three other Marley children -- Damian, Julian, and Ky-Mani -- also pursued careers in music.
  2. She had 4 of his 9 children, including David Ziggy Marley and Stephen Marley who continue their father's musical legacy in their band The Melody Makers.
  3. Educated in public schools, the girls took a liking to her musical surroundings and helped form the Melody Makers.


  1. Fugue is a composition in which different instruments repeat the same melody with slight variations.


  1. They placed the emphasis on arias, clearly separated from the "recitativo", and grounded the arias on a strong sense of rhythm and melody.
  2. The emphasis is on melody – mainly right hand linearity on display here from the pianist.


  1. Tune - A rhythmic succession of musical tones, a melody for instruments and voices.


  1. Harmony and Melody, placement of notes on Veena according to Pt.
  2. This book is arranged in the "EZ Play Today" format, and features the melody line (with large, easy to read notes!), lyrics, and chord symbols.


  1. The breakdown of the tonal system in the 20th century, and the freer use of chromaticism and large leaps, has made melody less easy to apprehend.


  1. While explicitly recalling the melody of Handel's theme, the chromaticism of this variation adds to the sense of a world beyond the Baroque.
  2. Strongly influenced by Bud Powell, Clark is known for his unique touch, sense of melody and complex, hard-swinging style.
  3. Besides a drum solo, there was little melody until Payton's trumpet joined in, when it made sense again.


  1. Instead the interest has to come from somewhere else – from melody, phrasing, the sheer sound of your instrument.


  1. This style was known as "Swing" which allowed musicians to improvise their own interpretation of the melody or theme that was sometimes difficult to do.
  2. Each of the movements differ in tempo, rhythm, and melody; but are held together by subject and style.
  3. Vocal harmony is a style of vocal music in which a consonant note or notes are sung at the same time as a main melody in a predominantly homophonic texture.


  1. Although sung with completely different lyrics and melody, the songwriting credit is given to the Wailers.
  2. In his own lifetime, Bob and the Wailers did not break the American market with the same level of success as the Melody Makers achieved in the late 80s.

First Album

  1. She released her first album, Melody in 2000.
  2. Marley began to write songs for the Melody Makers, and in 1985 the group released their first album, Play the Game Right.

Second Movement

  1. The B major second movement starts with a melody for the clarinet, accompanied by the composer's favoured cross- rhythms in the string parts.
  2. Agile passage work alternated with lyrical melody that seemed to owe much to Monteverdi in the second movement.


  1. Schubert's splendid sense of melody and drama testify to the developing romantic ideals in his music; his harmonic palette is essentially that of Beethoven.
  2. Beethoven varies the melody, harmony and rhythms so beautifully.

Heavy Metal

  1. Mostly basing his melody on traditional sources he brought in a huge input of instrumental music which varied from heavy metal to computer-generated sounds.
  2. The primary difference between glam metal and heavy metal is in lyrics, image and melody.


  1. Usually written for three or four voices, they were mostly homophonic (melody supported by chords) with occasional bits of imitation.
  2. For each selection you will find the melody line, chords and lyrics, plus a section of guitar chord diagrams.


  1. The notes of a melody are typically created with respect to pitch systems such as scales or modes.
  2. Scales are used to play solos and melody lines.


  1. Part of the Dixieland style involves musicians taking turns playing the melody while the others make up counter lines to go with it.
  2. In the Dixieland style, musicians taking turns playing the melody while the others improvise countermelodies.
  3. In jazz, musicians often play solos that they make up on the spot, or they reinterpret a given melody or chord sequence.


  1. In a piece of music, the melody is the most identifiable theme.
  2. Converting a non-ragtime piece of music into ragtime by changing the time values of melody notes is known as "ragging" the piece.
  3. On many occasions, the cello section will pick up the melody of the piece for a brief period of time, before returning to the harmony.

Pop Music

  1. Produced by Steve Fleck, Kevin Distel, and Bob Stander, Minutiae was conceived as a vehicle to restore melody and quality musicianship to pop music.
  2. Pop music generally uses a simple, memorable melody and may use stripped-down rhythms.
  3. Pop music is characterised by a heavy rhythmic element, and often with the use of electronic amplification, while the melody line may also be dominant.


  1. This is 'Mixed,' introduced by the horns, starting on a repeated 4 note melody – some nice muted trumpet from Curson.


  1. In this instrumental canon, the double bass presents a melody that is imitated exactly by the bassoon at a fixed distance in time.


  1. After the cello enters, the material expands much the way the melody does in the second movement of the Second Piano Concerto.
  2. The cello plays the same fifteen note melody continuously using only the notes C, E, D, F-sharp and B-flat.


  1. Schoenberg wrote that he felt melody could melt smoothly into harmony and vice versa, through the persistence of memory.


  1. But the melody is very little, and for the most part James does what he does best, and that is assault the listener along with the rest of the band.


  1. Many listeners found, and still find, his music hard to follow, lacking a sense of definite melody.
  2. This style was very important in opera and in solo vocal music, where it helped listeners to locate the expressive melody of the vocal part.

Right Hand

  1. Morton often played the melody of a tune with his right thumb, while sounding a harmony above these notes with other fingers of the right hand.
  2. This differs from the norm in that the piano will generally be in the rhythm section, but in hot jazz, the right hand will play the melody.
  3. James P. Johnson developed "stride" piano playing, in which the right hand plays the melody, while the left hand provides the rhythm and bassline.


  1. Within a verse, most chorales follow the AAB pattern of melody that is known as the German Bar form.
  2. After the second chorus, Cobain plays a 16-bar guitar solo that almost completely restates his vocal melody from the verse and pre-chorus.


  1. Tenor 3 (green shirt) plays the higher parts, and also does a little melody that I created in the later chorus.


  1. In the sonatina the piano introduces the first melody, later taken up and extended by the flute, leading to a secondary melodic element.


  1. It resembles a violin, but is played by grazing the strings with a fingernail and plays the main melody.
  2. In the second part he wanted to play variations by Czerny on a melody from Bellini 's opera "Il pirata" and take part in a duo with violin by Mayseder.
  3. Or the amazing dialogue between the violin and the flowing melody of the harpsichord's right hand part, as the violin accompanies it with its double-stops.


  1. The work is built around a unusual, chromatic theme which was provided by the King when Bach asked him for a melody on which to improvise a fugue.
  2. Extracted from Cantata, BWV 508. A melody which may or may not have been written by Bach.
  3. These 14 fugues (called Contrapuncti by Bach), are all based on the same theme, demonstrating the versatility of a simple melody.


  1. With orchestra in 1945, the melody and harmony were carried by horns and flute, Mary Lou adding only a brief keyboard bridge.
  2. A new dominance of melody within harmony at the expense of text led to great changes, including the expansion of instrumental resources of the orchestra.
  3. This excerpt shows the symetry of Panufnik - the orchestra slows down as the solo violin plays the melody and then returns, speeding up.


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