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  1. His uncle was Melvin Franklin, the bass vocalist of The Temptations.
  2. Melvin Franklin was the consummate (perfect), natural born bass.


  1. Otis Willams and Melvin Franklin, the last two originals, retired from the group in 1986.


  1. First, Ruffin died of a cocaine overdose in 1991, followed by the deaths of Kendricks in 1992 and Melvin Franklin (from a brain seizure) in 1995.

Bass Singer

  1. The most striking thing about the track was the deep growl of the bass singer, Melvin Franklin. (Web site)


  1. His uncle was Melvin Franklin, the bass vocalist of The Temptations.
  2. The younger brother of Jimmy Ruffin and the cousin of Melvin Franklin of the Temptations. (Web site)

Melvin Franklin

  1. Melvin Franklin could do just that, show after show, and he was proud to be a member of The Temptations. (Web site)
  2. Paul Williams and Eddie Kendricks split most of the leads during this period, with Al Bryant, Otis Williams, and Melvin Franklin occasionally singing lead.
  3. Melvin Franklin had been a member of the recording group The Voice Masters, which also included among its ranks Lamont Dozier and David Ruffin.


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