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  1. Memories are not limited to just those of humans, since at least one house-elf (Hokey) provided Dumbledore with a memory as well.
  2. Memories are stored in the inner part of the temporal lobe.
  3. Memories are short and the fact that Sir William Jones learnt Sanskrit from the pundits of India was already a dim memory.
  4. Memories are short.It was only a decade ago, when Mullah Omar ruled Kabul and about 90% of Afghanistan.
  5. My memories are uncertain, but let's say I first met Clay Felker in 1972.

Nostalgic Memories

  1. Their arrival introduces the many centuries in which a united Italy will be nothing more than a dream, based on nostalgic memories of imperial Rome. (Web site)

Flash Memories

  1. If coupled with an interactive development environment, perhaps using flash memories, we could crank out small systems in no time at all. (Web site)

Traumatic Memories

  1. Kouta has traumatic memories of the deaths of his father and sister, which he has repressed, causing him to forget many events from his childhood. (Web site)

Painful Memories

  1. Six years ago, David Layton laid bare his painful memories of growing up "amid the mad gods of poetry" in a book called Motion Sickness. (Web site)

Best Memories

  1. I spent New Year's Eve of 1982 on the top of Nyiragongo and it is one of my best memories of my time in Africa.

Show Harry Memories

  1. Dumbledore privately tutors Harry, using his Pensieve to show Harry memories of Voldemort's past.

Own Memories

  1. In addition, the room will eventually be equipped with a video camera so that fans can share their own memories of the band, Kirk West said. (Web site)
  2. Left unfinished by his death, this memoir of John Steinbeck IV is reconstructed by his wife of 12 years, who interweaves her own memories of life with him. (Web site)
  3. In this new selection of poems the poet explores how every room has its own silences, its own memories and secrets.

Sweet Memories

  1. You will never forget in all your life the sweet memories of Dena mountain climbing. (Web site)
  2. The sweet memories of the rustic life and the gorgeous greens of Cochin will carry on to refresh you time and again much after the end of the holiday too. (Web site)

False Memories

  1. Confabulation is a condition in which a person’s brain produces inaccurate or false memories.

Bitter Memories

  1. The people of Tabriz have bitter memories of past earthquakes.

Unforgettable Memories

  1. Autumn is the time here in Slavsko that will definitely leave unforgettable memories in your soul. (Web site)

Special Memories

  1. The Rock holds special memories for fans who made the drive to Rockingham, NC for the NASCAR races over the years.

Long Memories

  1. Those of you with long memories will remember the horror with which most educated people reacted to the riots in 1984. (Web site)

Lasting Memories

  1. During this nightly time-out, our brain can rehearse information that it has picked up during the day and consolidate them into lasting memories.
  2. Whether you experience New Caledonia from the sea, land or air, her wild unspoilt beauty will leave you with lasting memories.

Pleasant Memories

  1. While reading this book does bring back the pleasant memories of reading "Neuromancer", it remains a stale pleasure.
  2. Well, half of the tunes on this CD will conjure up pleasant memories for those around at the time of Johnny Horton's time in the limelight.

Bad Memories

  1. Now, having returned to France, he tries not to think about New France, as it brings back too many bad memories.
  2. John Bedford Leno had bad memories of this place and some of the rogues that filled it.
  3. Many people vow that they do not like anchovies as too many bad memories of smelly little fish on pizza have poisoned the experience for some. (Web site)

Favorite Memories

  1. Condensed from the 3 volume Johnny Carson Collection, this best of the best DVD will bring back all of your favorite memories from The Tonight Show.

Wonderful Memories

  1. Alpha Xi Delta is more than an organization you join for four years the deep bonds, wonderful memories, and friendships last a lifetime.
  2. Louise, a delightfully tall and energetic lady, shared her wonderful memories, photos and newspaper clippings with me for this story.

Long-Term Memories

  1. Should we wish to retain knowledge of short-term memories, long-term memories are established by mechanisms involving the hippocampus. (Web site)
  2. At the same time, patients with any type of dementia lose the ability to recall long-term memories.

Fondest Memories

  1. Fans are welcome to post their fondest memories of Benny Parsons on the discussion board.
  2. My fondest memories with my father were watching the Canadiens hockey games.
  3. During the informal ceremony, alumni and undergraduates described their fondest memories of their years in the fraternity. (Web site)

Vivid Memories

  1. At the same time most people had vivid memories of the first war and desperately wanted to avoid a repeat.
  2. Against Barcelona his experiences have left vivid memories.

Earliest Memories

  1. One of my earliest memories is helping my grandfather to tap trees and then collect the maple sap during sugaring season.
  2. So the earliest memories of my childhood began in one of the most beautiful and magical regions of China. (Web site)
  3. AR: In a way, yes -- one of my earliest memories is watching, and being very chilled by, the film of The Time Machine. (Web site)


  1. As for this Mortal Kombat love, children, do yourselves a favor and replay the same games you have nostalgic memories over.
  2. Some children even get photographic memories after mastering the art of speed reading.
  3. Warm Memories - Alaskan made fleece hats, headbands, scarves, buntings and fleece accessories for infants, children and adults.


  1. Some even come from parts of the world where unpleasant memories of the former British Empire and its colonialist policies are still fresh. (Web site)


  1. In the early days of computers, computer memories were quite small.
  2. In those days the cousins in Wales, Helen and Sheila, were among my best friends and some of my fondest memories are of the times I spent with them.
  3. Balkan Blue evokes strong memories of Miles Davis work with Gil Evans - a seminal recording of our days.


  1. Growing up Tavares (the Islander) was the ball boy for his uncle's team and spoke this morning of many fond memories of watching the Bandits play.
  2. The research shows that the hippocampus, the area responsible for forming memories, is capable of growing new neurons later in life. (Web site)
  3. Ellen became Ellen Allien!” There are many similarities between the above statement and my own memories of growing up in Belfast.


  1. He sees many memories of his father bullying Snape, with the encouragement of Sirius. (Web site)


  1. At the center of it all, haunted by memories of his life as a slave and praying that his defenders will prevail, is Anthony Burns himself.
  2. The chief assassin of a secret society dedicated to eradicating evil, Van Helsing is a man without a past, haunted by memories of ancient battles.


  1. Ghosts tend to hide in places that once were theirs and they consider these places to have painful memories. (Web site)

Limbic System

  1. The hippocampus, a structure that is deep in the cerebrum and a part of limbic system, is necessary to form new memories. (Web site)

Great Memories

  1. You did have some great races here and some great memories from racing out here, both at Phillip Island and perhaps Eastern Creek. (Web site)
  2. One of the great memories of childhood is your first bicycle ride without training wheels.
  3. I have great memories of my time in England and at Wimbledon and I'm really excited.


  1. Have many happy memories of holidays in Swansea over the years. (Web site)
  2. Carol, Cyprus Great memories of Swansea, born and raised in Gendros, left to go to college but Swansea still has a great pull for me. (Web site)


  1. Potter's Lullaby": " If dreams are like movies, then memories are films about ghosts. (Web site)


  1. Most Recent Customer Reviews Evokes memories of growing up in the South I had not heard of Buddy Jewell until listening to Sweet Southern Comfort.
  2. Born in Milan, Italy but reared in New York, Alessandra claims one of her first memories as listening to Enrico Caruso records.


  1. These ashes contain the memories of that campfire and the fun we had. (Web site)

First Place

  1. It was also the first place in Thailand outside Bangkok I ever visited so holds fond memories.
  2. In order to understand how the loss of memory works, it's good to know how we store memories in the first place.


  1. The plot of Memories of Midnight takes off from the ending of The Other Side of Midnight, where Catherine Douglas is recovering in a convent.


  1. As Verne Lundquist prepares to work his 15th Masters golf tournament this week for CBS Sports, memories of his first trip to Augusta are still fresh.
  2. I am writing to thank you for the sweet memories from the 2007 Highland Ball that have lifted me up throughout the week.
  3. This week we'll hear from a Rock pioneer Little Richard stops by with his special memories of Elvis.


  1. Meanwhile, Gilderoy Lockhart has been exposed by Harry and Ron as a fraud who wipes the memories of others and claims their achievements. (Web site)


  1. These photographs will bring back beautiful memories of Bangkok. (Web site)
  2. Memories of Sacriston delves into the history of the pit village through photographs supplied by people from the area.


  1. Afua Cooper has published four books of poems including Memories Have Tongue, one of the finalists in the 1992 Casa De Las Americas literary award.
  2. Some of the most pleasant memories of my life are of being with Jim and John at La Push and Rialto Beach talking about poems.
  3. These poems explore the effects of colonialism, ancestral memories, and immigration on the poet's journey from youth to maturity. (Web site)


  1. Connections between the amygdala and the cortex allow emotions to influence or sometimes to prevent nearly all learning as well as long-term memories.
  2. It is thought that the amygdala may store memories of fear in such a way that they can be accessed very quickly. (Web site)
  3. She injected the virus into the amygdala, a part of the brain thought to be important for forming memories of emotionally charged events. (Web site)

Temporal Lobe

  1. The amygdala, a structure in the temporal lobe, is central in recognizing the emotional content of facial expression and laying down emotional memories. (Web site)


  1. The dentate gyrus is thought to contribute to new memories and to regulate happiness.
  2. A Mediterranean wedding in the Canary Islands will be a wonderful experience, guaranteed to be infused with sunshine, happiness and great memories.

Hendrick Motorsports

  1. This event may go a long way toward erasing the painful memories of the final ten races and the endless emphasis on Jimmie Johnson and Hendrick Motorsports.


  1. A former SNL colleague offers her memories of her friendship with Phil Hartman.
  2. Many of the poems are based in the natural environment and elude to family, friendship and memories.


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