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  1. Mesocarp - the middle layer of the pericarp.


  1. In a hesperidium, the mesocarp is also referred to as albedo or pith because of its soft fiber.
  2. The mesocarp is usually fleshy, and the endocarp forms a leathery case around the seed.
  3. The drupe is a succulent usually one-seeded indehiscent fruit, with a pericarp easily distinguishable into epicarp, mesocarp and endocarp.
  4. Pomes - simple fleshy fruits with a mesocarp derived from an enlarged floral tube (apples, pears, quinces).
  5. The bitter chemical found in the mesocarp and parchment-like layers (partitions) surrounding the sections (carpels) of citrus fruits is limonin.


  1. The outer green husk resembles the outer pericarp (exocarp and mesocarp) of a drupe.
  2. The fruit is a berry and the "rind" is constituted by the exocarp and by the subepidermal layers which constitute the mesocarp.
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