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  1. Metaphase is the stage of mitosis or meiosis when all the chromosomes are aligned on the equator of the spindle, halfway between its two poles.
  2. Metaphase is a transient state of mitosis.
  3. Metaphase: A short spindle is formed within the daughter cell, which is surrounded by chromosomes.
  4. Metaphase - The third stage of mitosis during which kinetochore microtubules* align sister chromatids along the metaphase plate at the center of the cell.
  5. Metaphase was also prolonged and took 3–49 min.


  1. Sam68 is phosphorylated upon entry into metaphase of primary spermatocytes.
  2. Class 2 (intermediate) mutants show, on average, 50% bivalents in metaphase I and some, albeit incomplete, synapsis.


  1. This segregation of organelles is first observed in metaphase and persists until completion of cytokinesis.
  2. The results described so far indicate that plant cells segregate their organelles into distinct domains prior to metaphase, i.e.

Metaphase Plate

  1. Chromosome segregation is achieved by elongation of the anaphase spindle; no metaphase plate is formed.
  2. Metaphase: Chromosomes line up along an imaginary line, called the metaphase plate that divides the cell into two.
  3. In addition, the chromosomes had not congressed to the metaphase plate and appeared to remain in an intact nuclear envelope.


  1. Interphase (0'), metaphase (21'), early cytokinesis (92'), late cytokinesis (99'), and completed cell plate (114').
  2. The metaphase plate of asymmetrically dividing Nbs is located close to the smaller (basal) centrosome.
  3. B, DIC image of the same cells in interphase (left, note nucleolus) and metaphase (right, note metaphase plate), respectively.
  4. Note that green fluorescent Golgi stacks are clustered near the center of the metaphase plate (arrowheads).


  1. Numb localizes asymmetrically in pI at metaphase and is inherited by one of the two daughter cells at telophase.
  2. Coincident with the recruitment of additional PCM, the daughter centrioles elongate, reaching full length by metaphase.


  1. Plastid and mitochondrial divisions finish by metaphase, at which time division of the microbody starts (l).
  2. Artificial chromosomes in 17-E29 and 17-D34 have segregation efficiencies corresponding to more than 99.9% per cell division, using metaphase analyses [ 12].


  1. Nuclei in the MCE are in metaphase, whereas nuclei in the PEN are in interphase.
  2. Metaphase plates are detected in all nuclei with the exception of the two large nuclei of the CZE.


  1. Metaphase I is where the critical difference occurs between meiosis and mitosis.
  2. Indeed meiosis ii metaphase ii is similar to mitosis, review cornell.
  3. The events of meiosis prophase metaphase anaphase ii, the production of mitosis chromatin.
  4. The secondary oocytes enter meiosis II but become arrested again at metaphase II stage.


  1. Metaphase The Kinetochore microtubules align the chromosomes along the metaphase plate.
  2. After the metaphase-anaphase transitions, the asters expand substantially, filling the egg with microtubules.
  3. Metaphase chromosomes are segregated into daughter nuclei by kinetochore microtubules in the spindle ( Fig.
  4. Model for induction of furrow positioning after microtubule stabilization in metaphase versus anaphase.


  1. At metaphase, sister chromatids align on the mitotic spindle.
  2. Late metaphase: The centrosomes have moved to the poles of the cell and have established the mitotic spindle.
  3. Photobleached marks created on metaphase and anaphase spindles revealed a poleward tubulin flux.
  4. E, LIN-5 is detected at the centrosomes, metaphase spindle (arrowhead), and cell cortex (arrow) of mitotic cells throughout embryogenesis.

Spindle Fibers

  1. CMT2 is localized on the spindle from metaphase to anaphase.
  2. Please be aware that interphase prophase, metaphase, spindle fibers.
  3. It is an attractive hypothesis that oocytes are held at metaphase II by a spindle checkpoint.
  4. At metaphase (0') and anaphase (5'), GFP-KCA1 is present in the cytoplasm of the cell cortex and spindle region.
  5. Metaphase follows prophase, when the spindle fibers attach to the region of each chromatid called a centromere.


  1. D, Immunoblot for myosin V on melanosomes treated with interphase (I) and metaphase (M) high-speed supernatants prepared from egg extracts.
  2. Depletion of Emi1 from frog oocyte extracts prevents them from arresting at metaphase and excess Emi1 arrests oocytes at metaphase.
  3. To test cell cycle-governed regulation of myosin V bound to melanosomes, we prepared Xenopus egg extracts arrested either in interphase or metaphase.
  4. Given that hamster metaphase chromatin, like sperm chromatin, lacks ORC activity of its own, DNA replication was dependent on XlORC in the egg extract.


  1. FIGURE 6 F-CARS images of a NIH 3T3 cell in metaphase at different depths.
  2. PMID 10611974 in the metaphase of ^ contains peer-reviewed still images and video clips that illustrate the nucleus.

Animal Cells

  1. METAPHASE the spindle fibers disperse, and cytokinesis in animal cells, cytokinesis and produces.
  2. In animal cells, a cleavage furrow develops where the metaphase plate used to be, pinching off the separated nuclei.


  1. Stages of mitosis are prophase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase.
  2. These stages are prophase, prometaphase, metaphase, telophase and anaphase.
  3. The phases are called prophase, prometaphase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase and cytokinesis.
  4. During mitosis, CrKCBP appears concentrated at the centrosomes during prophase and metaphase.
  5. Mitosis is nuclear division plus cytokinesis, and produces two identical daughter cells during prophase, prometaphase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase.


  1. During prometaphase and metaphase, they move from chromosomes to inner centromeres.
  2. The metaphase structure of chromatin is vastly different to during interphase.
  3. They become more compact and visible during metaphase of cell division.
  4. This -sister chromatid cohesion- is essential for the alignment of chromosomes on the mitotic spindle during metaphase.


  1. In metaphase, the poles and thicken here, a chromosome is two chromatids, bound.
  2. The chromosomes are now aligned perpendicular to the spindle in a process called metaphase.
  3. Double chromosomes are always present in mitotic prophase and metaphase (see below).
  4. At metaphase, the chromosomes align upon spindle, attached via their kinetochores to microtubules.
  5. The inhibition of spindle formation prevents the division of the cell nucleus and the resulting separation of metaphase chromosomes.

Metaphase Chromosomes

  1. It is not known how many levels of packaging there are in nuclear chromatin or in metaphase chromosomes.
  2. Each metaphase chromosome consists of two sister chromatids attached at the centromere.
  3. Sister chromatids: Each metaphase chromosome comprizes of 2 symmetric strands called chromatids.


  1. Clute, P., Pines, J. 1999. Temporal and spatial control of cyclin B1 destruction in metaphase.
  2. This is in contrast to the metaphase delay reported for the overexpression of nondegradable cyclin A in Drosophila ( Sigrist et al.
  3. Two points of destruction: metaphase to anaphase transition, when chromosomes separate, and mitotic exit, when cyclin degraded.
  4. An intracellular Ca 2+ signal triggered by the fertilizing sperm is the endogenous signal for cyclin B1 destruction in metaphase II arrested oocytes.


  1. CSF is an activity responsible for metaphase arrest in unfertilized vertebrate eggs.
  2. Recovery of chromosomes, rather than interphase nuclei, requires cell cycle arrest in metaphase.
  3. Tunquist BJ & Maller JL 2003 Under arrest: cytostatic factor (CSF)-mediated metaphase arrest in vertebrate eggs.
  4. In these mutant embryos, the oocyte chromosomes arrest in metaphase of meiosis I without transitioning to anaphase or producing polar bodies.


  1. The CSF extract is preferably prepared from non-induced eggs arrested at meiotic metaphase.
  2. Tetrad -four homologous chromatids synapsed during first meiotic prophase and metaphase.
  3. As the secondary oocyte continues the second meiotic division, it is arrested in metaphase II.
  4. After meiosis I, the haploid oocyte then assembles a second meiotic spindle and arrests at metaphase II, awaiting fertilization.


  1. Karyotype To determine the (diploid) number of chromosomes of an organism, cells can be loc--ed in metaphase in vitro (in a reaction vial) with colchicine.
  2. A mitotic karyotype can be constructed from cells arrested at metaphase.


  1. Tension between sister centromeres is reduced in Lis1 and Gl mutant metaphase neuroblasts.
  2. This figure shows a metaphase spread next to an interphase nucleus.
  3. MOB1 2µ + SIC1, mob1-77 + 2µ SIC1, and mob1-77 cells were arrested with nocodazole in metaphase.
  4. Some studies have concentrated only on diakinesis or metaphase I and analysis of the pachytene stage was ignored.
  5. A, Metaphase; B, early cytokinesis; and C, late cytokinesis (same cell as in B). Brackets delineate the Golgi belt at metaphase.


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