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  1. Michael Foale (left) is assisting.

Space Station Mir

  1. In a status report from Michael Foale, he urged our continued participation aboard space station Mir and that David Wolf join the Mir crew.


  1. Fincke has logged 365 days in space, placing him third behind Peggy Whitson and Michael Foale for the most time in space by an American astronaut.


  1. Kaleri's Expedition 8 crewmate is Astronaut Michael Foale, who will also spend his second Christmas in space.
  2. Astronaut Michael Foale will replace Linenger on Mir when the STS-84 mission arrives in May 1997.
  3. Astronaut Michael Foale and Russian cosmonaut Alexander Kaleri are scheduled to be launched to the space station in a Russian Soyuz vehicle in October.


  1. Wolf will take the place on Mir of astronaut C. Michael Foale, who arrived on the Russian space station during the STS-84 mission in May.


  1. Kaleri and the second Flight Engineer, Michael Foale (NASA), were the returning Expedition 8 crew who had been stationed on the ISS since 20 October.


  1. STS-84 Mission Specialist C. Michael Foale replaced astronaut and Mir 23 crew member Jerry M. Linenger, who has been on the Russian space station since Jan.

Michael Foale

  1. Of this group, Mae Jemison would become the first female African-American in space, while Michael Foale would fly aboard the Mir space station.
  2. The flight engineer was Michael Foale (USA), and Pedro Duque from Spain served as the second flight engineer.
  3. Michael Foale currently holds the U.S. record for time spent in space, having spent over a year of his life in outer space.


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