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  1. Michael Mann is a firearm instructor himself and he also pays extra attention to recording sounds of firearms in his films.
  2. Michael Mann is a director who works hard to make every frame of his movies look good.
  3. Michael Mann is an American climatologist and author of more than 80 peer-reviewed journal publications.
  4. Michael Mann is one of the most influential sociologists of recent decades. (Web site)
  5. Michael Mann is taking a mulligan on the Chicago mafia, this time to tell the story of Tony Accardo and Sam Giancana.


  1. It was executive produced by Michael Mann.


  1. Michael Mann (sociologist) (born 1942), professor of sociology at University of California, Los Angeles.

Tv Commercials

  1. Known for his rapid-paced approach to filmmaking, Michael Mann began his illustrious career, working on TV commercials and documentary films.

Biographical Film

  1. In 2001, a biographical film, entitled Ali, was made, directed by Michael Mann, with Will Smith starring as Ali.


  1. He served as the show's executive producer along with Michael Mann before handing over full executive responsibilities to Mann after only seven episodes.

Several Interviews

  1. Friedkin even tease Mann in several interviews by saying "Michael Mann is one of my favourites directors because he tries to make films like mine!".

Michael Mann

  1. In 1995, De Niro starred in Michael Mann 's police action-thriller Heat, along with fellow actor and long-time friend, Al Pacino. (Web site)


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