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  1. Mike Clark (October 3, 1946) is a jazz and funk drummer who is most noted for playing in the Headhunters band headed up by Herbie Hancock. (Web site)
  2. Mike Clark was the drummer for the famous Headhunters, led by Hancock.
  3. Mike Clark is probably best known for his work with keyboard player Herbie Hancock and the Headhunters. (Web site)

Mike Muir

  1. Mike Muir and Mike Clark are now the only two left.

Paul Jackson

  1. Funk legends Mike Clark and Paul Jackson are back in the mix like 1976, adding their signature Headhunter's grooves. (Web site)


  1. Smoking! Mike Clark and Paul Jackson sound incredible rocking it over these " Headhunter " style grooves.


  1. The backbone is formed by Mike Clark on drums and Paul Jackson on bass, the acclaimed rhythm section from Herbie Hancock 's Headhunters.

Mike Clark

  1. Mike Clark joined a band called Creeper, while Jimmy DeGrasso joined Dave Mustaine 's side project MD.45, and eventually replaced Nick Menza in Megadeth. (Web site)


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