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  1. A miscarriage_of_justice is a total understatement.
  2. Miscarriage_of_justice is a terrible thing.

Miscarriage of Justice

  1. We call upon our entire community, and American Muslim organizations nationwide to condemn this terrible miscarriage_of_justice.
  2. That is the context of the alleged miscarriage_of_justice. (Web site)
  3. The Constitution of Spain guarantees compensation in cases of miscarriage_of_justice. (Web site)
  4. Here is a short sample of the document entitled "Criminal Law - A Miscarriage_of_Justice.".
  5. Nor does he allege his actual innocence, such that he would meet the fundamental miscarriage_of_justice exception to his default.


  1. The Ontario Court of Appeal has acquitted Steven Truscott of murder in the death of Lynne Harper, saying the conviction was a miscarriage_of_justice.
  2. There are so many questions outstanding, with regards to Mr. Truscott's miscarriage_of_justice case, yet so few answers available.


  1. Have known in my heart for years this was a serious miscarriage_of_justice.
  2. I have followed his plight for many years and feel that the miscarriage_of_justice done to this man and his family is criminal.


  1. It was submitted that if the Commission finds arguable grounds for an appeal, then it is clear that a miscarriage_of_justice must have occurred. (Web site)
  2. Recognition that there are arguable grounds for leave to appeal is a different thing from belief that a miscarriage_of_justice may have occurred. (Web site)
  3. It exists to deal with cases where there are good grounds for believing that there may have been a miscarriage_of_justice. (Web site)


  1. The essential task for the Commission is to consider and form a view on whether there may have been a miscarriage_of_justice. (Web site)
  2. In short, the only test that the Commission should consider is whether it is possible that there has been a miscarriage_of_justice. (Web site)
  3. Rather it has asked the Commission to make a judgment, namely to form a view on whether it considers that a miscarriage_of_justice may have occurred. (Web site)


  1. The case is often said to be a miscarriage_of_justice, and the verdict was overturned half a century later.
  2. Finally justice has been served in a case that was a miscarriage_of_justice since June 9th, 1959.
  3. The essential question that Miscarriage_of_Justice answers is how much punishment is enough, no matter where you stand on the Pollard case. (Web site)


  1. The Commission can refuse to refer only if it can exclude the possibility of a miscarriage_of_justice. (Web site)
  2. The Commission can decline to refer even if there are arguable grounds for a miscarriage_of_justice. (Web site)
  3. The Commission did not believe that there may have been a miscarriage_of_justice - hence it did not refer. (Web site)
  4. However the Commission can refer a case to the High Court if " they believe - (a) that a miscarriage_of_justice may have occurred" (emphasis added). (Web site)


  1. Often, whether a case is in fact a miscarriage_of_justice remains controversial for a long time.
  2. The risk of miscarriage_of_justice is thereby also a reasonable argument against long sentences, like life sentence, and cruel sentence conditions. (Web site)
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