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  1. A mittimus is a writ issued by a court directing the sheriff to escort the person named in the writ out of the county boundaries.
  2. A mittimus is a written document.
  3. A mittimus is a writ issued by a court committing a convicted felon to .
  4. Mittimus is a process and not part of record.
  5. The mittimus is a commitment for want of bail; and the magistrate who awards it, decides, in doing so, that it is a case in which bail is demandable. (Web site)


  1. Capias Mittimus: A civil arrest warrant used to get a person physically into court to respond to a specific case or claim. (Web site)
  2. This act, therefore, dispenses with any order of a Judge requiring bail, and with a mittimus authorizing a commitment for the want of bail. (Web site)
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  4. Our attempt is to provide easy definitions on Mittimus and any other medical topic for the public at large. (Web site)
  5. Mr. Raile alleged that his "Time Computation Report" (TCR) lists a charge of domestic violence that was not included on his state court mittimus. (Web site)


  1. MITTIMUS A document issued by the court directing the sheriff or other officer to convey a person to prison.
  2. MITTIMUS (MIT ih mus): written court order directing a jailer to receive and safely keep a person until ordered otherwise. (Web site)
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