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  1. Miyazawa Kenji: the life of old Toyosawa In 1918 Miyazawa Kenji passed the small village Toyosawa.
  2. MIYAZAWA Kenji is the poet, novelist, and amateur astronomer who lived in Japan in the early 20th century. (Web site)
  3. Miyazawa Kenji was a poet and writer.
  4. Miyazawa Kenji was a significant poet and author of children's literature in the early twentieth century. (Web site)

Miyazawa Kenji

  1. By the way, Miyazawa Kenji is a poet & farly tale writer for children.
  2. Snyder devoted a section at the end of the book to his translations of 18 poems by Miyazawa Kenji (died 1933). (Web site)
  3. You will find more about him in the Miyazawa Kenji Museum, a short bus ride from either Shin-Hanamaki or Hanamaki Station.
  4. Within the premises also stands the Ihatov-kan, which displays art works and research reports regarding Miyazawa Kenji.
  5. Miyazawa Kenji a beloved author from the northern rural province of Iwate in the early 20th century. (Web site)
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