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  1. Moeritherium is an extinct mammal and may be the ancestor of all elephants. (Web site)
  2. Moeritherium is a modern day relative of a group of mammals that had long noses and tusks, like the elephant.
  3. Moeritherium ('the beast from Lake Moeris ') was a prehistoric mammal related to the elephant and, more distantly, the sea cow.
  4. Moeritherium, a bizarre aquatic animal, is a form of food for the Basilosaurus.
  5. Moeritherium was a pig-like animal, about 70 cm high, and resembling the tapirs.

Three Groups

  1. Three groups of elephant-like animals descended from Moeritherium: Deinotherioidea, Mastodontoidea, and Elephantoidea.

Last Long

  1. The Moeritherium crawls on to land, but in the mangroves, land does not last long. (Web site)


  1. However the moeritherium escapes and the Basilosaurus returns to the sea. (Web site)


  1. Earliest elephant, Moeritherium (Egypt): 1 m tall, size of a large pig, eats soft, juicy plants.
  2. In 1901, Charles Andrews described Moeritherium lyonsi from fossil remains found in the Qasr-el-Sagha formation in the Al Fayyum in Egypt.


  1. Fossilized remains of Moeritherium have been extracted from the Qasr el Sagha Formation and the Gabal Qattrani Formation north of Birket Qarun in the Fayoum.


  1. Elephants (mastodons}discovered in the Fayoum include the Moeritherium, and his descendants, Palaeomastodon and Phioma. (Web site)
  2. Moeritherium, Numidotherium, Barytherium (early-mid Eocene) -- A group of three similar very early elephants.


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