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  1. Molina is a Chilean town, municipality and comuna in Curicó Province, Maule Region.
  2. Molina is a Spanish and Italian name.
  3. La Molina is a district of the Lima Province in Peru, and one of the upscale districts that comprise the city of Lima.
  4. La Molina is mostly upper class residential district, zones in which La Planicie, Rinconada, Las Lagunas, Camacho and Residential Monterrico stand out.
  5. Laura Molina is a female badminton player from Spain.


  1. In Molina, just a few kilometers up Fumane, there is the beautiful Cascate di Molina park, with natural falls and hikes in the nature.


  1. Masella is the neighbouring ski resort of La Molina.

Alfred Molina

  1. Alan Rickman and Alfred Molina were two of the notable names that auditioned for roles in the series, with Molina actually being cast as Rimmer originally.


  1. The municipality of Fumane contains the frazioni (subdivisions, mainly villages and hamlets) Mazzurega, Cavalo, Molina, and Breonio.

Goal Line

  1. In the 63rd minute, midfielder Shannon Boxx rose high to meet a corner and send a header over Molina, but the ball was cleared off the goal line.

Mixed Doubles Title

  1. Molina and Martina Navratilova teamed to win the 1974 French Open mixed doubles title, beating Rosie Reyes Darmon and Marcelo Lara 6–3, 6–3 in the final.


  1. In the women's singles event she reached the thirth round after beating Laura Molina of Spain and Kanako Yonekura (11th seed) in rounds one and two.


  1. Tirso de Molina (1571 – 1648), playwright.

Broadway Debut

  1. Molina made his Broadway debut in 1998 in the Tony winning play Art with Alan Alda and Victor Garber.
  2. Alfred Molina received a Tony Award nomination and a Drama Desk Award for his performance in ART, which marked his Broadway debut.


  1. Workman Molina is a rehabilitation counseling, consulting, and case management firm that has operated in the Southern California area since 1974.
  2. Workman Molina has operated with the philosophy that we are advocates and assistance providers for individuals who have disabilities.
  3. Drs. Workman and Molina have doctorate degrees in rehabilitation counseling and extensive experience in a wide variety of rehabilitation counseling services.


  1. Arminius used a philosophy called Molinism (named for the philosopher, Luis de Molina) that attempted to reconcile freedom with God's omniscience.
  2. Semi-Pelagianism was promoted by a Jesuit priest named Luis de Molina.


  1. The type location for aragonite is Molina de Aragón (Guadalajara, Spain), 25 km outside Aragon.
  2. Vonn, who failed to score points for the first time this season, was not the only favorite to falter in La Molina.
  3. The most complete and methodical development of a Salamancan theory of value were Martn de Azpilcueta (1493 – 1586) and Luis de Molina.


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