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  1. The Mon-Khmer_languages are the autochthonous language family of Indo-China.
  2. The Mon-Khmer_languages are the autochthonous languages of Indo-China. (Web site)

Mon-Khmer Languages

  1. Among the Mon-Khmer_languages, Vietnamese is the largest and the most well known.
  2. Mon-Khmer_languages This classification is based on Diffloth's widely cited 1974 Encyclopedia Britannica article.
  3. Nicobarese is an isolated group of six closely related Mon-Khmer_languages spoken in the Nicobar Islands of India. (Web site)


  1. Most linguists classify the Munda languages together with the Mon-Khmer_languages of Southeast Asia into the Austroasiatic language family.
  2. Khmuic languages are a subgroup of the Mon-Khmer_languages.
  3. Linguists consider the Munda languages to be related to the Mon-Khmer_languages of Southeast Asia in a larger grouping called the Austro-Asiatic family. (Web site)

Austroasiatic Languages

  1. The Bahnaric languages are a group of about thirty Mon-Khmer_languages spoken by about 700,000 people in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos.
  2. Ethnologue identifies 168 Austroasiatic languages, of which 147 are Mon-Khmer_languages and 21 are Munda languages.


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