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  1. The Morality Play is a genre of theatre very popular from the early 1400s to the 1580s.
  2. A morality play is a type of theatre, which was common in early Renaissance Europe. (Web site)
  3. But the rather stodgy term "morality play" doesn't begin to describe Mankind. (Web site)
  4. Morality Play was short-listed for the same award but lost to The Ghost Road (Pat Barker) that year. (Web site)
  5. Morality play is a hit with students.

Morality Plays

  1. Unlike the perspective of the mystery and miracle plays, that of the morality play was individual rather than collective.
  2. In Everyman, the most famous morality play of the Renaissance, some of the characters include Fellowship, Knowledge, Goods, and Kindred. (Web site)
  3. MORAL INTERLUDE-a type of interlude that was very similar to the morality play, though often shorter and more humorous.


  1. Performing a morality play - especially one penned in the Middle Ages - might not seem too appealing to an average college theater student.
  2. About the end of the fifteenth century a new kind of Morality play appeared. (Web site)
  3. For example, -Magnificence: (1516) satirizes extravagance, and -Satyre of the Three Estaitis- (1540) is a political morality play.
  4. For more information on morality play, visit (Web site)
  5. This modern morality play seems plotless initially, and the dialogue appears to carry it. (Web site)


  1. In its strict form the Morality Play was a dramatized moral allegory.
  2. Harty's "Morality Play" depicts no such victory, nor does it enlighten the audience with a clearer moral understanding of right or wrong. (Web site)


  1. I found "Morality Play" most intriguing in the character development of Nicholas and in the attendant picture of a rising modernity.
  2. The medieval morality play Everyman, personifying such abstractions as Fellowship and Good Deeds, recounts the death journey of Everyman.
  3. Everyman is a morality play about death and the fate of the soul. (Web site)
  4. Typically, the morality play dramatizes the age-old battle between the forces of good and evil in the human soul.
  5. Other notable examples of personification allegory are John Bunyan's The Pilgrim's Progress (1678) and the medieval morality play Everyman.


  1. Everyman is the best surviving example of the medieval drama known as the morality play. (Web site)
  2. Coming to a small town in the middle of winter, the troupe puts on its usual morality play, only to get caught up in a drama of a different kind.
  3. A morality play is essentially an allegory in dramatic form.
  4. The morality play , a third type of religious drama, appeared early in the 15th cent. (Web site)
  5. The morality play , an allegorical drama centering on the struggle for man's soul, originated in the 15th cent. (Web site)

Medieval Morality

  1. When Hal becomes king, he must repudiate Falstaff altogether, just as the Christian must repudiate Vice in the medieval morality play.
  2. Proj: Concept Everyman is a Medieval morality play anonymously written in the mid-fifteenth century in England. (Web site)
  3. The Interlude - A history of the comic interlude, a dramatic form which grew out of the Medieval morality play. (Web site)


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