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  1. Moral theories are concerned with right and wrong behavior.
  2. APPLYING MORAL THEORIES is a unique introduction to the application of major ethical theories to practical concerns.


  1. Moral theories in teaching applied ethics.

Ayn Rand

  1. The philosophical and moral theories presented in this section are grounded fully in the work of Ayn Rand.

Key Terms

  1. A "Quick Guide to Moral Theories" appendix, an extensive glossary of key terms, and suggested further readings after each chapter further enhance the text.

Moral Theory

  1. Shades of Goodness is aimed at readers interested in moral theories, and particularly those wishing to construct or defend a moral theory.


  1. In a more extreme tenor, William Gass argues that moral theories such as consequentialism are unable to adequately explain what is wrong with a wrong action.

Moral Theories

  1. William Gass argues that moral theories such as consequentialism are unable to adequately explain why a morally wrong action is morally wrong.
  2. Deontology refers to a general category of ethical or moral theories that define right action in terms of duties and moral rules.
  3. Some moral theories try to eliminate the influence of luck on morality (primarily deontology).


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