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  1. A munter hitch is a method of belaying which creates a friction brake by tying a special knot around an appropriate carabiner.
  2. A Munter Hitch is a knot that is commonly used in rock climbing as a belay hitch, for rappelling, or to hold a load in conjunction with a mule knot.
  3. The Munter hitch is a very effective method of using only the rope and a carabiner to provide the friction necessary to stop a fall.
  4. The Munter hitch is an excellent mechanical belay technique and requires only a rope and a carabiner (Figure 6-25).
  5. The Munter Hitch was chosen as the U.I.A.A. method of choice ages ago, and is still considered to be an excellent method.

Rappel Locker

  1. Black Diamond's largest belay and rappel locker, the RockLock features a keylock nose and is Munter Hitch compatible.

Aka Pearabiner

  1. HMS Karibiner with one wide side used for belaying with a munter hitch (aka pearabiner).


  1. A compact, pear-shaped design facilitates belaying single ropes with a Munter hitch, and is enhanced with a snag-free Keylock gate system.


  1. HMS locking carabiners all feature a wide and smooth-radius basket to allow a Munter Hitch to flip through.


  1. MUNTER HITCH A belay knot through which the rope slides when pulled in one direction and brakes when pulled in the other.

Belay Device

  1. Many types of belay device exist, including ATC, grigri, Reverso, Sticht plate, eight, tuber, and the Munter hitch.


  1. The munter hitch, when used in conjunction with a pear-shaped locking carabiner, is used to form a mechanical belay (Figure 4-30).
  2. The Munter Hitch can be inverted to feed rope in the other direction, in which case it takes on the form shown in the small figure to the right.


  1. The Munter hitch, probably known more correctly as the Italian hitch, is a useful knot to know for climbers and abseilers.


  1. Suited for organizing at belays and belaying with a Munter hitch.

Several Advantages

  1. Although not the belay system of choice, there are several advantages to the Munter Hitch.

Simple Knot

  1. Italian hitch (aka Munter hitch, HMS) The Italian hitch is a simple knot, used by climbers and cavers as part of a life-lining or belay system.


  1. For that reason, add the Munter Hitch, which serves as a rappel and belay knot, and the Prusik, the ascending knot, to your repertoire.


  1. We then apply our D ring or carabiner through that area and then pull the knot tight or the hitch tight until we form that type of Munter Hitch.


  1. The figure 8 is used to tie yourself at the end of the rope and the munter hitch is a great way to belay.
  2. Second puts the leader on belay using a belay device or munter hitch.


  1. This can be useful when the anchor, carabiner and Munter hitch are behind the belayer whilst attention is paid to the loaded end of the rope.


  1. Munter hitch A simple hitch that is often used for belaying without a mechanical belay device.
  2. The pear shape of the biner allows for belaying with a Munter Hitch on single or double ropes.
  3. Larger size allows easy anchoring of multiple ropes and slings, as well as belaying both single or double ropes with a Munter hitch.

Munter Hitch

  1. The Munter hitch, also known as the Italian hitch, is a simple knot, commonly used by climbers and cavers as part of a life-lining or belay system.
  2. Basic Rock Knot Booklet - Covers the ring bend, overhand, fisherman's, figure-8, munter hitch and clove hitch.
  3. It is self locking when used this way, providing a safer alternative to belaying with an italian hitch (A.K.A munter hitch) knot.


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