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  1. Nicholas is the patron of sailors and prisoners.
  2. Nicholas was ordered to Ekaterinburg.
  3. Nicholas was the first to die.
  4. Nicholas was strongly counselled against mobilization of the Russian forces but chose to ignore such advice.
  5. Nicholas was educated by tutors.

Grand Duke

  1. Grand Duke Mikail Alexandrovich was executed in the outskirts of Perm with his secretary Nicholas Johnson on June 12, 1918 on the orders of the Perm Cheka.
  2. Nicholas Alexandrovich was the first cousin once removed of Grand Duke Nicholas Nikolaevich.
  3. The Grand Duke also towered over the Tsar, so they were nicknamed "Nicholas the Tall" and "Nicholas the Short", respectively.


  1. Nicholas and Alexandra were stunned.
  2. Alexandra and Nicholas were married in the Chapel of the Winter Palace of Saint Petersburg on 14---26 November 1894.
  3. Nicholas sternly refused, reproaching his uncle for asking him to break his coronation oath to maintain autocratic power intact for his successors.
  4. In 1991, the bodies of Nicholas II and his wife, along with three of their five children, were exhumed from their graves of over 70 years.
  5. It was not until March 27-28 and the annihilation of the Russian fleet by the Japanese, that Nicholas finally decided to pursue peace.

Russian Orthodox Church

  1. Subsequent to his canonization, he has been regarded as Saint Nicholas The Passion Bearer by the Russian Orthodox Church.
  2. In 1981 Nicholas and his immediate family were canonised as saint s by the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia as martyr s.
  3. In 1981, Nicholas and his immediate family were canonized as martyred saints by the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia.


  1. Surrounded by his guards, confined to their quarters, the Imperial family was rudely inspected on Nicholas's first night back at home.
  2. Tames, R, Last of the Tsars, p.63 In the basement room of the Ipatiev House, Nicholas asked for and received three chairs from the guards.
  3. Finally, at the Ipatiev House in Yekaterinburg, Nicholas and his family were executed by the Bolsheviks on the night of July 17, 1918.
  4. Yekaterinburg 's " Church on the Blood," built on the spot where Nicholas II and his family were murdered in 1918.
  5. Nicholas and his mother, Maria Fyodorovna, were very close, as can be seen in their letters to one another, which have been published.

Nicholas Ii

  1. Firstly, Alexei was the heir to the throne despite being the fifth and last child of Nicholas II and Alexandra.
  2. Following the abdication of Nicholas II, Alexandra seized to be the Empress of all the Russias.
  3. Czar Nicholas II, embroiled in a terrible war with Germany and Austro-Hungary, decided to abdicate his throne on March 15, 1917.


  1. One of her critics is the Romanov Family Association which claims as members all male-line descendants of Emperor Nicholas I of Russia.
  2. Contemporary Romanovs One of the imperial Faberg-- eggs presented by Nicholas II to his wife.
  3. He stated, "Nicholas Romanov, formerly Tsar and at present soul-murderer of the Russian empire.
  4. Insofar as I remember, my Uncles Vladimir and Nicholas were the only members of the family left in St.Petersburg, but there may have been others.


  1. While Alexander had concentrated on the formulation of general policy, Nicholas devoted much more attention to the details of administration.
  2. At first, Nicholas's father, Tsar Alexander III, refused the prospect of marriage, but later relented as his health began to fail.
  3. Prince Nicholas is descended from one of Alexander II's younger brothers.


  1. Only on his deathbed did Alexander consent to Nicholas' marriage to Alexandra for fear of imperiling the perpetuation of the Romanov Dynasty.
  2. Cut off from public opinion, Nicholas refused to see how tired the people were of his dynasty and how much the common people hated his wife.

Tsarskoe Selo

  1. Nicholas finally was allowed to return to the Alexander Palace at Tsarskoe Selo where he was placed under arrest with his family.
  2. Nicholas spent most of his childhood at Gatchina Palace, about forty miles west of St.Petersburg and at no great distance from Tsarskoe Selo.
  3. Mirsky came this evening to present his report on the measures taken."[14] At Tsarskoe Selo, Nicholas was stunned when he heard what had happened.


  1. Nicholas II carried Alexei to the cellar room.
  2. Hemophilia Tsar Nicholas II and Tsarevich Alexei chop wood in captivity at Tobolsk during the winter of 1917.
  3. Tsarevich Alexei's illness Official photograph of Nicholas II taken in honor of the tercentenary celebrations of the rule of the Romanov Family in Russia.


  1. Rasputin's unpopularity, however, and the dark rumours about him led Nicholas to distance him from the family.
  2. Nicholas had refused to censor the press and wild rumours and accusations about Alexandra and Rasputin appeared almost daily.

Tsar Nicholas

  1. In addition he assumed the position of tutor of the future Nicholas II.
  2. After Tsar Nicholas II abdicated the throne in 1917, Russia quickly disintegrated into civil war.
  3. In the first draft of Tsar Nicholas II 's 1917 abdication, the intention was that the 12-year old Alexei would ascend to the throne under a regency.
  4. Tsar Nicholas II was forced to abdicate on 15 March 1917.
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  1. Monk-martyr Nicholas who lived in Vuneni, of Larissa in Thessaly.
  2. The eldest, Nicholas, became Tsar upon his father's sudden death (due to kidney disease) at age 49.
  3. Alexander III died on 1 November 1894 and Nicholas became Tsar of all the Russias at the age of twenty-six.
  4. At four o'clock in the afternoon, Nicholas and his daughters took their usual walk in the small garden.
  5. Nicholas I fathered four sons, all of whom, he thought, could one day face the challenge of ruling Russia.

Nicholas Ii of Russia

  1. She had, however, already met a distant cousin, the Tsarevich of Russia, Nicholas II of Russia.
  2. Her husband signed his letters Nicky, but Nicholas II of Russia is his article title.


  1. The closest relationship between Princess Alix and Nicholas is that of second cousins.
  2. Nicholas's own mother, as well as his cousin Kaiser William urged Nicholas to open peace negotiations.


  1. This theme is explored in Robert K. Massie's peerless "Nicholas & Alexandra".
  2. The family had been briefly separated in April 1918 when the Bolsheviks moved Nicholas, Alexandra, and Maria to Yekaterinburg.
  3. Tsarina Alexandra chose Maria to accompany Tsar Nicholas II and herself to Yekaterinburg when the family was briefly separated in April 1918.
  4. The firing squad killed Nicholas, the Tsarina, and two of the servants first.
  5. I myself want to go in one direction and it is evident that Mama wants me to choose the other one." Massie, R, Nicholas and Alexandra, p.50.


  1. In response to Tyutcheva's complaints, Nicholas did ask Rasputin to end his nursery visits.
  2. Tyutcheva took her story to other members of the family.[25] Nicholas's sister Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna of Russia was horrified by Tyutcheva's story.

Alexandra Fyodorovna

  1. In 1895, Nicholas and Alexandra were crowned Tsar and Tsaritsa of Russia in an extravagant ceremony in Moscow.
  2. He was the youngest of five children and the only son of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and Alexandra Fyodorovna.
  3. Alexandra wore the traditional dress of Romanov brides, and Nicholas a Hussar's uniform.
  4. Portrait by Valentin Serov of the anointing of Tsar Nicholas II and the Empress Alexandra Fyodorovna at their coronation.


  1. Already the Duma and the Soviet had formed the nucleus of a Provisional Government and decided that Nicholas must abdicate.
  2. According to one of Russia's laws of succession, I don't think Nicholas had the right to abdicate in favor of Alexei in the first place.


  1. In 1981, opponents noted Nicholas II's perceived weaknesses as a ruler and felt his actions led to the resulting Bolshevik Revolution.
  2. He was murdered by a group of nobles on 16 December 1916, two months before the February Revolution of 1917 dethroned Nicholas II.
  3. Nicholas proved unable to manage a country in political turmoil and command its army in World War I. His rule ended with the Russian Revolution of 1917.


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