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  1. NIVEA is the mass-market brand which already today offers thelargest skincare assortment.
  2. NIVEA is one of the world's largest skin- and body-care brands, owned by the German company Beiersdorf.
  3. NIVEA is a large global skin- and body- care brand, owned by German company Beiersdorf.
  4. NIVEA is an essential part of a healthy life.
  5. NIVEA is one of the world's largest skin- and body-care brands, owned by the German company Beiersdorf.

Nivea Visage

  1. This is perhaps most evident with the NIVEA Visage face care range which is at the leading edge of face care.
  2. Throughout the twist and turns of almost a century of change, one thing has remained the same - NIVEA means gentle care.
  3. Nivea Visage Young products are claimed to be "refreshing" and "refining".
  4. As with all NIVEA branded products, products in the NIVEA Visage range are dermatologically tested and not tested on animals.


  1. Caring for skin is at the heart of the Nivea brand and the emotional values associated with the brand have changed little over the past 95 years.
  2. Today, NIVEA is the world’s largest skin and body care brand with its success rooted in continuity and innovation.

Brand Identity

  1. Over the years, NIVEA - primarily through NIVEA Creme - has acquired a unique, universal brand identity as a caretaker of skin.
  2. Ads reminded consumers that NIVEA was a superlative day cream, night cream and protective cream, for every season of the year.

High Quality

  1. NIVEA is synonymous with protection and caring for the skin.
  2. In fact, NIVEA Creme required the work of three extremely resourceful men - Dr. Oscar Tropowitz, Prof.
  3. NIVEA Soft resembles NIVEA Creme and is the youngest offspring of the NIVEA family.
  4. NIVEA stands for mild yet effective care and high quality at a reasonable price.
  5. Prior to NIVEA-s introduction cosmetics were based on animal and vegetable fats and decomposed rapidly as the fats became rancid.


  1. Awareness of this sub-brand was achieved with TV advertising - the TV commercial signalled that NIVEA Soft is young, fresh and different.
  2. NIVEA's brand personality represents a universal complex of positive human values woven together.
  3. Brand Personality and Identity top To everyone, NIVEA means comprehensive skincare a whole life long.
  4. The NIVEA blue surrounding the brand logo is not just any old blue, but a special colour mixed exclusively for NIVEA in a complex development process.
  5. Innovations and Promotions New product development and innovation is at the heart of Nivea's long-term brand development.

Many Countries

  1. Nivea - Encyclopedia, History, Geography and Biography Nivea This article is about the cosmetics brand. For the R&B singer, see Nivea (singer).
  2. The trademark "NIVEA" was expropriated in many countries following WWII. Beiersdorf completed buying back the confiscated trademark rights in 1997.
  3. In fact in many countries consumers are convinced that NIVEA is a local brand.
  4. This encyclopedia, history, geography and biography article about Nivea contains research on Nivea, Trivia, External links and Beiersdorf brands.
  5. In 1956, a customer claimed that using a NIVEA product had dissolved their hair and caused it to fall out.


  1. Today the NIVEA name is on far more than just that familiar blue tub.
  2. The NIVEA Body range evolved from the traditional NIVEA Lotion range which still exists in the market today.

Brand Name

  1. These core values extend to all the sub-brands under the NIVEA umbrella brand name.
  2. With its special quality and skincare expertise, NIVEA was bound to become a successful worldwide brand name.
  3. The white, creamy consistency, white brand name logo on a blue background are all associated with the NIVEA brand.

Nivea Creme

  1. Every second, a pot of NIVEA Creme is sold somewhere in the world.
  2. Always in harmony with consumers' needs and wishes, NIVEA's total body care will be as appreciated tomorrow as that first NIVEA creme was back in 1911.
  3. Prior to the introduction of NIVEA Creme in 1912, fat-only skin creams were all that was available, sold primarily to upper-class women.

Nivea Brand

  1. Caring for skin is at the heart of the Nivea brand and the emotional values associated with the brand have changed little over the past 95 years.
  2. These complex experiences with NIVEA Creme form the foundation for the basic trust placed in the NIVEA brand as a whole.
  3. In every visual communication the NIVEA brand appears in its world-famous blue and white colour combination.


  1. Each shaver has a compartment to fit a sachet of Philishave Nivea shaving balm to be applied during shaving.
  2. I know the Advantage comes with the Nivea solution, but I think I would prefer to use it with canned shaving cream.

Skin Care

  1. NIVEA Creme was the first cream to offer both skin care and protection at a reasonable price.
  2. And NIVEA was the perfect skin care cream, indoors and out.
  3. During the 30's NIVEA consolidated its image as the skin care cream for outdoor fun.

My List

  1. ADD TO MY LIST Nivea suncare self tan spray for even and natural looking tan.
  2. ADD TO MY LIST Nivea Deodorant Dry Roll-on with 24h efficacy guarantees a pleasantly dry skin feeling all day long.
  3. ADD TO MY LIST Nivea Sun Firming Sun Lotions improve the skin-s firmness, as well as offering reliable protection for fair and sun-sensitive skin.


  1. Like NIVEA skin care as the umbrella and 14 specific sub brands e.g.
  2. Today, NIVEA is the world---s largest skin and body care brand with its success rooted in continuity and innovation.
  3. For over 60 years NIVEA advertising promoted the basic themes of skin care and protection.
  4. NIVEA Vital is the first mass market face care range developed for mature skin.
  5. In 2003 the first fakes of Nivea Hair Care products appeared in the Russian market place.


  1. Nivea products are superb, well-priced and available internationally.
  2. The product range originally comprised NIVEA cream, powder and soap.
  3. The researchers who develop NIVEA products are on a constant quest for new insights into the skin and how to care for it.
  4. Turnover increased by over 40 percent and for the first time it became possible again to advertise the affected Nivea products.

Some Countries

  1. A truly global product, NIVEA products are the same everywhere.
  2. Sold in some 150 countries, NIVEA products are trusted around the world.
  3. NIVEA Creme is sold in some 160 countries around the world.


  1. NIVEA's special mildness and its natural ingredients were also emphasized, in keeping with the environmental awareness that began to take shape in the 70's.
  2. Natural ingredients, patented technologies, and innovation play a fundamental role in the development of NIVEA Visage products.
  3. Early advertisements established the image of the NIVEA women as clean, fresh and natural.
  4. Over 98% of the ingredients within NIVEA Creme are natural.


  1. The company's owner, Oskar Troplowitz, named it NIVEA, from the Latin word nivius (meaning snow-white).
  2. The name Nivea is derived from the Latin expression ‘Nix Nivis', meaning snow white.


  1. So far Fork has launched more than 48 local NIVEA brand websites all of which have been adapted from the international NIVEA Website.
  2. Cosmetic & beauty care maker Nivea has launched its ---Nivea For Man--- product in April 2003.


  1. The blue tin of NIVEA Creme is timeless.
  2. The big blue NIVEA ball followed the trend and was featured in advertising around the world.
  3. From the classic design of the blue jar to the evocative perfume, NIVEA Creme is instantly recognisable and a true classic.
  4. Trivia After WWI, NIVEA remodelled its cream in a blue tin with a white logo.


  1. In its home country Germany too, many of Nivea's products were the market leaders in their segments.
  2. Rampant inflation in Germany in the aftermath of the war meant that by late 1923 a tin of NIVEA cost over 100 billion Marks.
  3. With historical roots in Central Europe, especially in Germany, Nivea is the world's largest skincare brand.


  1. My Granny instantly relieved my agony by applying some soothing Nivea on my skin.
  2. One of the significant product benefits of NIVEA Soft is that it is an instantly absorbed creme.

List Nivea Sun

  1. ADD TO MY LIST Nivea Sun Moisturising Sun Lotion combine Nivea Sun's advanced protection expertise with all the care of Nivea for soft, protected skin.
  2. ADD TO MY LIST Nivea Sun Children-s Lotions have been specially formulated to care for Children-s delicate skin.


  1. I still prefer wet shaving (with shaving gel, not Nivea).
  2. Includes 2 Nivea moisturising lotion and 2 fresh gel cartridges.
  3. The moisturizing and protective properties of NIVEA cream were much lauded by men and women alike.
  4. The 2007 NIVEA FOR MEN Endurance Challenge promises to be as competitive, exciting and fun as the previous years' Endurance events.
  5. A huge success, NIVEA for Men continues to develop and lead the men's skincare category in Ireland.

Latin Word

  1. Troplowitz named it NIVEA, from the Latin word "nivius" meaning "snow-white".


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