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  1. A Northern Soul is a well-rounded, epic listen, one that anyone who has ever been plagued by angst can relate to, and even learn from.
  2. Northern Soul - A site specialising in the genre and the scene.
  3. Northern soul is a style of music with associated dance styles and fashions that developed in the north of England in the late 1960s.
  4. Northern Soul is the music and the name of an english subculture. (Web site)
  5. Northern Soul is a genre from the 1960s, although the term originated in the 1970s. (Web site)

Northern Soul

  1. Early Northern Soul fashion included bowling shirts, button-down collar shirts, blazers with centre vents and unusual numbers of buttons, and baggy trousers.
  2. Northern Soul is amongst the most expensive of all musical genres to collect and the movement has set new heights in the resale market of obscure vinyl.
  3. The phrase 'Northern Soul' was coined by journalist Dave Godin sometime around 1971 when writing his column in Blues and Soul magazine.

Real Audio

  1. Northern soul site containing Real Audio, scans of badges and labels, radio schedules and UK fanzines.
  2. Internet radio station specialising in Northern Soul and Motown.
  3. The power and reach of the Internet has had a profound influence on the Northern Soul scene of today.
  4. Real Audio files, images and a written history of Northern Soul.

Soul Music

  1. For many devotees, Northern Soul is a religion.
  2. A large proportion of Northern Soul's original audience came from the mod movement, with their love of soul music. (Web site)
  3. Northern Soul Music - A history of the genre featuring Tamla Motown and other 60's and 70's artists.
  4. Nevertheless, "Northern Soul," holds its own as part of the extraordinary Verve trilogy of albums.
  5. Trying to define Northern soul is a tricky business. (Web site)

Soul Scene

  1. In conclusion, the Northern Soul phenomenon provides us with a useful case study in the curiosities of the music business.
  2. Experience a virtual tour though the northern soul heritage of this small Midlands town.
  3. Northern Soul Music - Audio site focussing on the 30 year-old soul scene that originated in the north of England and now has a worldwide following.
  4. Yet still the Northern Soul scene lives on.
  5. One important Northern Soul DJ, 'Frank' (aka Ian Dewhirst), clearly sees this style of music as an early precursor of House Music.


  1. Specialist record companies now service tangible demand for recorded Northern Soul product.
  2. Likewise, some of the DJs from the seminal Northern Soul clubs have been servicing demand for reunion events.
  3. Instead of relying on word of mouth for coming events, a mass of information is now available on Northern Soul.
  4. THE LEGACY of Northern Soul in the UK music scene has been made manifest in many forms.

Even Today

  1. These records were dubbed Northern soul because of the clubs. (Web site)
  2. Thus a strong market still remains for original Northern Soul records.
  3. I suspect that it will become an invaluable addition to the library of all Northern Soul Vinyl collectors.
  4. Even today it would be considered almost blasphemous for a Northern Soul DJ at any venue to play a CD or a 'pressing' - i.e.
  5. Indeed, even today, the legacy of classic clubs like the Wigan Casino and the Blackpool Mecca lives on in new Northern Soul havens.

Would Eventually

  1. Some became what would eventually be known as skinheads, and others formed the basis of the Northern Soul scene. (Web site)
  2. However, in terms of structure, the Northern Soul scene was never manufactured, defined or regulated.
  3. But the truth is far greater, the Northern Soul scene owes a lot to pressings .

Many Ways

  1. A Northern Soul is in many ways, even better than Urban Hymns.
  2. In the early days of the scene Northern Soul was very much a part of the youth culture of the day, a youth movement in many ways.
  3. Northern Soul Night Shift - History and reminscences plus updates on the scene in Melbourne, Australia. (Web site)


  1. JahSonic: Northern Soul An academic history of the phrase's, and hence the scene's, origin.
  2. Many northern soul artists attempted stardom without all of the necessary ingredients in place.
  3. The collecting of Northern Soul records is a very expensive hobby, as the above evidence demonstrates.
  4. Most Northern soul artists were having a go at stardom without all of the necessary ingredients being in place.
  5. A site specialising in the genre and the scene (Northern Soul ) Contains news, events, views and reviews.


  1. And I assumed there was a link between Northern Soul & Two-Tone because the latter came out of Coventry, which is described as north of London. (Web site)
  2. THE TERM 'Northern Soul' is derived from the activities of travelling football supporters from the north of England.


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