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  1. Nottingham was participating in Exercise Wycombe Warrior, a large RAF led exercise over the North Sea.
  2. Nottingham was first towed backwards to the nearest Australian port, Newcastle, 200 kilometers to the north of Sydney.

Royal Standard

  1. After the debacle at Hull, Charles moved on to Nottingham, where on 22 August 1642, he raised the royal standard.
  2. After futile negotiations, Charles raised the royal standard (an anachronistic medi--val gesture) in Nottingham on 22 August 1642.


  1. In November 2000 Nottingham completed a major refit, which extended her operational life to 2012.
  2. The second Nottingham was a small gunboat built in 1794.
  3. The first Nottingham was a 60 gun 4th rate, launched at Deptford in 1703.
  4. The fifth HMS Nottingham was a Town class cruiser commissioned in 1914. (Web site)
  5. Nottingham's undamaged stern now fully out of the water revealing her rudder and twin screws.

Hms Nottingham

  1. HMS Nottingham (D91), is a batch two Type 42 Destroyer of the Royal Navy, named after the city of Nottingham, England.
  2. The sixth and current HMS Nottingham is a batch two Type 42 Destroyer launched on February 18 1980, and commissioned on 8 April 1983. (Web site)


  1. He added that the Nottingham was "very heavily down by the bow" with large hoses pumping water out of it. (Web site)
  2. Swan with Nottingham safely in position now begins pumping out it's tanks and Nottingham starts to rise out of the water.
  3. Three happy members of HMS "Nottingham's" very friendly crew enjoying a drink at the Newcastle Civic Reception.
  4. In mid September we were invited to visit "Nottingham" that was now berthed at a secure fenced wharf near the centre of Newcastle.
  5. A photo taken during our visit to "Nottingham" showing some of the extensive timber shoring used to strengthen the damaged bow section of the hull.


  1. On 6 August, Nottingham set out on her journey to the port of Newcastle, north of Sydney, Australia, towed stern-first because of the damage to her bow.
  2. This photo from TV news footage shows Nottingham starting the short tow from Newcastle to Sydney.


  1. Subsequently "Nottingham" was towed by tugs based in New Zealand and Newcastle to the harbour of Newcastle.
  2. This picture from a website news source shows Nottingham being towed into it's mid-harbour mooring by a number of sea going tug boats.


  1. The second Mars was a 64-gun third-rate ship of the line, originally French, captured by HMS Nottingham off Cape Clear in 1746. (Web site)
  2. Meanwhile, the destroyer HMS Glasgow was reactivated to cover for Nottingham while she was being repaired.
  3. The third HMS Nottingham (1745-73) was a further rebuild.
  4. HMS Nottingham started taking on water after Sunday's accident, which happened in poor weather. (Web site)
  5. The Royal Navy has launched an inquiry into how the destroyer HMS Nottingham ran into rocks off the coast of Australia. (Web site)

Lord Howe Island

  1. On 7 July 2002, Nottingham ran aground on the submerged but well-charted Wolf Rock near Lord Howe Island, 200 miles off the coast of Australia.
  2. HMS "Nottingham" anchored on the lee side of Lord Howe Island and, as can be seen, well down by the bow due to flooding in the forward part of the ship.

Medical Officer

  1. Gareth Wild, the Medical officer met us at the wharf gates and cleared us through security when we then boarded "Nottingham".
  2. Joan my wife, with the "Nottingham's" medical officer, Surgeon Lieutenant Gareth Wild at the Newcastle Civic reception.


  1. On 7 July 2003, the anniversary of the collision, Nottingham was refloated.
  2. The Royal Navy warship HMS Nottingham has been refloated exactly a year after it nearly sank in the Pacific Ocean.


  1. In 2001 Nottingham took part in a NATO exercise near Scotland and in RN exercises near Oman in the Middle East.
  2. Four ships of the British Royal Navy have borne the name HMS Nottingham, after the city of Nottingham in the East Midlands.


  1. The crew of the ship have the freedom of the city and the ship is affiliated to several Nottingham based charities and organisations.
  2. Nottingham maintains a close relationship with the city which it is named for and the Nottingham public are said to be very proud of 'their ship'.


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