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  1. NOVA is a production of WGBH, Boston. (Web site)
  2. NOVA is a production of WGBH Boston. (Web site)
  3. The Nova is a manual steering car with rack-and-pinion so we didn't have to worry about a lot of confusion.
  4. The Nova is an ex-drag car (seems to have been from Florida) that is being reformed and put back on the street. (Web site)
  5. Nova is a five-passenger car that is slightly smaller than Chevy's Cavalier and a bit larger than the Isuzu Spectrum.

Nova Parts

  1. Sells new, used, and NOS 196279 Chevy Nova Parts.
  2. Buy, sell, and trade. Ben's Nova Parts Used Chevy Nova parts, specializing in 1968-79 models.
  3. Offers a selection of Camaro Parts, Nova Parts and Chevelle Parts as well as Cowl Hoods and Auto Weatherstrip for classic car restorations.

Nova Custom

  1. Pictures, information, and history on Brandon's Chevy Nova Custom hatchback.
  2. CHEVROLET, "Chevelle, Monte Carlo and Nova Custom Feature Accessories": 28 page color catalog, 11x6.


  1. Log on to NOVA's Web site, (Web site)
  2. Such sites will NOT be listed anywhere in Recreation/Autos. No category description found Clubs Please submit sites about Nova clubs only. (Web site)
  3. Nova Group Cars: if you subscribe to and your Nova isn't here, I want it to be. (Web site)
  4. Those two industries contribute more than $2 billion to the province's economy per year and employ more than 20,000 Nova Scotians.
  5. The main town and seat of the municipality is also called Nova Petr--polis. It is about 100 km north of Porto Alegre, the state capital, in the Serra Gaucha. (Web site)


  1. CHEVROLET, "Nova Concours 4-Door Sedan": Postcard, 3x6.
  2. Front of card is photograph showing three-quarter frontal view of white Chevrolet Nova LN 4-Door Sedan against blue background. (Web site)
  3. CHEVROLET (Sprint, Spectrum and Nova), "Chevrolet Selling Manual": 30 pages.
  4. Includes photo renderings of Chevrolet Chevy II SS Coupe, Nova Station Wagon, Standard 2-Door Sedan and Nova 4-Door Sedan. (Web site)
  5. CHEVROLET (Monza S and Nova S), "New Low Prices on Two New Chevrolet Models": 4 page non-color folder, 3x6. (Web site)

Chevrolet Nova

  1. Covers all models of Chevrolet Nova and Geo PrizmSwift.
  2. Chevrolet Nova Internet Source Features the history of the marque, trivia, police cars, and engine statistics.
  3. Sebastien Drouin's 1972 Chevrolet Nova SS Engine/Drivetrain 396 V8, 4 bbl. (Web site)
  4. CHEVROLET, "Chevrolet Nova/Vega Value Guide - Confidential for Chevrolet Salesmen": 24 page non-color catalog, 8x4.
  5. In the 1973 Nova brochure, Chevrolet writes "We've been building the same basic Nova for quite a while now. (Web site)


  1. Click here to view this 1966 CHEVROLET NOVA - CHEVY II.
  2. CHEVROLET (Nova, Chevy II, Chevelle, Biscayne, Bel Air, Impala, Caprice, Camaro and Corvette), "Chevrolet Colors": 4 page color folder, 4x8.
  3. I now own five Chevy II Novas - 2 1963 wagons (one is a parts car), 2 1966 Chevy II sedans and a 1967 Nova Wagon.
  4. I have an ad here for my Nova. Brian's Chevy Nova Page nicer than most geocities sites I've seen. (Web site)

Monte Carlo

  1. CHEVROLET (Chevrolet [Caprice and Impala], Monte Carlo, Malibu, Camaro, Nova, Monza and Corvette): 187 pages, 11x8.
  2. CHEVROLET (Caprice, Monte Carlo, Chevelle, Nova, Camaro, Vega and Kingswood), "Chevrolet Press Portfolio", Press Kit: Portfolio, 12x9.
  3. Back cover is photo rendering showing Chevelle Malibu, Monte Carlo, Nova and Caprice Hardtops and Kingswood Wagon.
  4. Cruisin Street dedicated to Camaro, Nova, Chevelle, Corvette, El Camino, Belair, Monte Carlo, Impala, Malibu and Super Sports Chat . Chevy Chatroom & Forum.

Chevy Ii

  1. Larry's Chevy II Station Wagon Collection Dedicated to 1962 - 1967 Chevy II Nova Station Wagons.
  2. Camaro, Chevelle, Chevy Nova (1969) Owners Manual: 16.32.
  3. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions on restoration and getting/making parts for 1962-1967 Chevy II Nova station wagons.

Nova Ss

  1. Tim's 1963 Nova SS Reconstruction of a 1963 Nova SS to Pro Street specifications. (Web site)
  2. Mr. Nova's Chevy Novas1970 Nova SS with a supercharged 406 engine and a 327 1978 Nova Rally.
  3. Nova Resource Nova sales, photo gallery, technical information, parts, and links, featuring a 1976 Nova SS. (Web site)

Chevy Nova

  1. Sean's '69 Chevy Nova Project Car1969 Nova - 383 Steet Racer.
  2. Specifications and photos of Chevystroker's 1972 Chevy Nova.
  3. Nova Man Brett's 1973 - 1974 Chevy Nova photos and resources. (Web site)
  4. Novamans Garage Welcome to Novaman and Woman's 1973 and 1974 Chevy Nova website.
  5. Look at any Prizm of any model year -- and even its predecessor, the Chevy Nova -- and you'll find it selling for less than the equivalent Corolla.

Ii Nova

  1. Chevy II Nova Drag racing Featuring a 1966 Chevy II Nova on the strip.
  2. CHEVROLET, "Chevy II Nova Super Sport Coupe": Press photo, 10x8. (Web site)
  3. They created the "Fantastic Five", the SS-427 Camaro, Chevrolet (Impala/Biscayne), Chevelle, Corvette and Chevy II (Nova).
  4. Set to arrive in the next couple of weeks - 1/24 Jada Toys Big Time Muscle 67 Chevy Nova II.

Ss Convertible

  1. Complete history of this 1963 Chev II Nova SS convertible.
  2. Chevy Nova 63 SS Convertible - 62-64 Nova SS convertible. Shows renovation, before and after.
  3. Click for photos and dealer info $ 10,900 1971 Chevrolet Nova Salem, VA Very nice 1971 Nova SS clone. (Web site)

Nova Scotia

  1. St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia, Canada also offers a Celtic Studies degree, optionally with a large Gaelic language element. (Web site)
  2. There was also an early unsuccessful Scottish attempt at a colony at Darien, and the colonisation of Nova Scotia is also associated with Scotland.
  3. Nova Scotia . Ontario .
  4. In the small Nova Scotia village of Grand Pre, a dream has come true for the Acadian community.
  5. People in Nova Scotia, particularly in Halifax, are feeling good about the future and they're spending the money to prove it.

National Nostalgic Nova

  1. National Nostalgic Nova - Car club for people who admire Chevy IIs, Novas and Acadians.
  2. Eastern Iowa Chapter of National Nostalgic Nova links, photos and newsletters.

Nova Restoration Project

  1. Frednova Restification 1979 Nova restoration project.
  2. Dave's 1979 Nova Custom1979 Chevy Nova restoration project with a detailed step by step progress report.


  1. A showcase of Nova's from the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
  2. Nova Enthusiasts of Winnipeg - A showcase of Nova's from our city.


  1. Nova-man - Dedicated to 1973 Chevy Nova, 1974 Chevy Nova, Apollo, and Omega.
  2. The Buick Apollo Home Page - If you like Nova's then you'll like this site.

Larger Pic

  1. Larger Pic This is Bob Rowe's 1970 Yenko Nova replica. (Web site)
  2. Larger Pic Ryan Thompson owns this 1970 Nova SS clone. (Web site)


  1. NOVA Text Aligner is a handy and reliable application designed for manual text alignment. (Web site)
  2. NOVA Text Aligner is a tool designed to make manual text alignment as easy and simple as possible. (Web site)
  3. Slovak popular music began as a mix of bossa nova, cool jazz, and rock, with propagandistic lyrics.
  4. The first document written in the literary standard Macedonian language is the first issue of the Nova Makedonija newspaper in 1944.
  5. In Nova Scotia, there are somewhere between 500 and 1,000 native speakers, most of them now elderly. (Web site)


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