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  1. OMOV is a key principle of New Labour.
  2. OMOV is a necessary but not sufficient solution to improving the NDP and its membership.


  1. Luis Salinas and George John then spoke in favor of OMOV.
  2. ADM01-106 resulted from the discussions held by the OMOV task force.
  3. Following is an analysis of various arguments for and against the idea of OMOV.
  4. Unless OMOV can be reformed, I see slates forming again because they are so cost effective.
  5. This discussion cannot be taken in isolation of the OMOV initiative and our commitment to campaign finance reform.


  1. Remember that Goichberg and Schultz used to be opposed to OMOV, but now they are in favor.
  2. WHY USCF SHOULD ENACT OMOV by Bill Goichberg The democratic way USCF has always claimed to be a democratic organization.


  1. At present, Labour MEPs are selected by OMOV in their Euro-constituencies by our local Party members.
  2. The application of OMOV to Labour's internal processes has, however, taken a number of curious twists over the last year.


  1. Though again adopted by the party in 1994, OMOV was revoked a second time in November 1995.
  2. The party's other predecessors, the Reform Party of Canada and Canadian Alliance, had pure OMOV systems.
  3. Even if the party's organisational boundaries in England present problems to conducting OMOV ballots, this is not the case in Scotland and Wales.
  4. The modern Conservative Party has adopted the Progressive Conservative Party system of OMOV, where each riding has equal weight in a point system.

Qu Cois

  1. The Bloc Qu--b--cois uses a pure OMOV system.
  2. The Parti Qu--b--cois was the first political party in Canada to adopt an OMOV system.


  1. Well, one word that I keep hearing from the convention is that by shooting down OMOV, we ruined a chance at renewal.
  2. The MNDP convention delegates voted to restore the Stone Age Delegate System and scrap the Modern One-Member-One-Vote (OMOV) to choose their leader.


  1. The results of the OMOV motion were taken by roll call vote.
  2. Beginning next year, OMOV (One Member One Vote) will be in effect, resulting in every USCF member aged 16 or over being allowed to vote.


  1. A mere 167 candidates were finally approved for selection by OMOV ballot.
  2. The leadership selection process runs according to a One-Member-One-Vote plus Labour format (OMOV + labour).
  3. The search for OMOV in the new modernised party began earlier this year when proposals for European election selections were unveiled.


  1. Actually, the current system gives rich candidates more of an advantage than OMOV would.
  2. Approval voting does not actually represent some voters more than others, so the OMOV principle would be a weak one to discount it on.
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