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  1. Opt-out: A mailing list which transmits emails to people who have not subscribed and lets them "opt-out" from the list.
  2. Opt-out is the action a person takes when he or she chooses not to receive communications.
  3. Opt-out: A specific request to remove an email address from a specific list, or from all lists operated by a single owner.
  4. Opt-out is a BAD design, right from the beginning.


  1. Both opt-out and opt-in lists are most effective if many or most senders of UCE cooperate.
  2. Senders of commercial e-mail messages must include opt-out instructions and honor opt-out requests.
  3. Unlike the Can Spam Act (US)(opt-out), the Spam Act (AUS) provides that "Unsolicited commercial electronic messages must not be sent" (opt-in).
  4. Article 10 directs member countries to provide for a basic opt-out system for UCE, although it leaves the details of that system to each member state.
  5. A Missouri law enacted in June 2000 requires unsolicited commercial e-mail messages to contain opt-out instructions and contact information.

E-Mail Sent

  1. From the court's perspective, opt-out is good enough for ISP customers, and the disturbance from spammers is relatively low.
  2. At the bottom of every e-mail sent from Pure Reach are opt-out instructions.

Opt-Out Requests

  1. Hard-core spam operations make it impossible -- they treat opt-out requests as confirmations that the address works and is read.
  2. When you receive an opt-out request, the law gives you 10 business days to stop sending email to the requestor's email address.
  3. Each user’s Blue Frog client retrieves the scripts from Blue Security servers and posts the opt-out requests.

Commercial E-Mail

  1. Opt-out PolicySOS gives users options wherever necessary and practical.
  2. The bill requires unsolicited commercial e-mail to be labeled and to include opt-out instructions; it also prohibits false headers.

Include Opt-Out

  1. Remember, new anti-spam regulations require every marketing email to include an opt-out provision and a valid physical address.
  2. Possible future global opt-out or opt-in system if imposed by Internet standards body.
  3. Remember, new anti-spam regulations require every marketing email to include an opt-out condition and a valid physical address.


  1. There's opt-out, confirmed opt-in, and the double opt-in (or double latte, non-fat, no foam, please).
  2. A confirmed opt-out list can be very dirty too if the user thinks the confirmation letter is a spam and does not bother to reply to this message.
  3. Confirmations which require the email address owner to take action to remove themselves from a list are opt-out, NOT verified opt-in.
  4. Every federal law under consideration relies on an opt-out scheme: You must take action to prevent a marketer from sending you additional e-mail.

Opt-Out Mechanism

  1. Opt-out A mailing list which transmits e-mails to people who have not subscribed and lets them "opt-out" from the list.
  2. Opt-out email is a web marketing term for promotional email that recipients have not previously requested by signing up.
  3. The Aruntx Email Opt-out is a robust, reliable analytics tool which excels in the quantity, quality and clarity of the reports it provides.
  4. Any opt-out mechanism you offer must be able to process opt-out requests for at least 30 days after you send your commercial email.
  5. Show them that it is as easy to opt-out as it is opting in.

Opt-Out Link

  1. Automate removing opt-out email from list.
  2. Opt-Out email marketing is similar to spam with a remove list.
  3. Many proponents of opt-in email marketing have stated that it produces a vastly superior response-rate than purely opt-out email marketing.
  4. In some cases, spammers have used the opt-out function as a way of confirming that someone actually read a spam message.
  5. In 2004 some spam messages turned out to contain malware for Microsoft Windows which victims triggered by clicking an opt-out link.


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