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  1. The optic vesicles are pushed downward by two large processes growing forward from the anterior vesicle (the primitive cerebral hemispheres). (Web site)

Optic Sulcus

  1. Development of the optic vesicles starts in the 3-week embryo, from a progressively deepening groove in the neural plate called the optic sulcus. (Web site)


  1. At this stage the forebrain grows upwards and the optic vesicles continue to balloon outwards: they contact the surface ectoderm and induce the lens placode.
  2. At E9.0 the signal was most intense in the optic vesicles, forebrain, mandible, heart, somites and tail bud.

Optic Vesicles

  1. The prosencephalon further goes on to develop into the telencephalon (the forebrain or cerebrum) and the diencephalon (the optic vesicles and hypothalamus).
  2. Only the epidermis in the head is competent to respond to the signal from the optic vesicles. (Web site)
  3. The optic vesicles come into contact with the epidermis and induce the epidermis. (Web site)


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