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  1. Panty line is a prime culprit. (Web site)

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  1. Top panty line Sites - The best of the best sites for your panty line on the web.
  2. Women's No Panty Line Bikini Panties by Jockey: This bikini panty has genuine Jockey comfort, fit and quality.
  3. A prominent, visible panty line or VPL (" V isible P anty L ine") occurs when the outline of someone's underpants becomes visible through his or her clothes.

Panty Lines

  1. If you are wearing tight, or figure hugging clothing a thong is your best solution to combat visible panty line.
  2. One advantage attributed to the wearing of thong underwear is that no visible panty line can be seen even under a thin, light-colored, or skin-tight garment.
  3. Sheer-To-The-Waist: Pantyhose without visible panty line or reinforcement in the panty portion.
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