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  1. A passive attack is always the best starting point as this would normally defeat intrusion detection systems and other forms of protection etc.


  1. It is intended to facilitate the interoperation of data encipherment equipment and protect against all forms of passive attack including traffic analysis.


  1. Using a sniffer in an illegitimate way is considered a passive attack.

Network Traffic

  1. A passive attack occurs when someone listens to or eavesdrops on network traffic.

Wireless Network

  1. A passive attack on a wireless network may not be malicious in nature.


  1. Fortunately there are some methods that you can use on your network that offer protection against the passive attack known as sniffing.
  2. Sniffing is a very effective method for hackers and attackers since it is usually a passive attack and therefore more stealthy and more difficult to detect.

Passive Attack

  1. Once an attacker has gained sufficient information from the passive attack, the hacker can then launch an active attack against the network.
  2. A "passive attack" attempts to learn or make use of information from the system but does not affect system resources.
  3. Specifically, we describe a passive attack, in which an attacker can find the PIN used during the pairing process.


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