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  1. Patrice Rushen is a genious and this album Straight From The Heart is a must have classic.
  2. Patrice Rushen is a classically trained pianist.
  3. Patrice Rushen is a multi-Grammy-nominated artist.
  4. Patrice Rushen is a very big influence on me. (Web site)
  5. Patrice Rushen is the BOMB and the young 'uns I mentioned above could definitely learn at her knee (esp Ms. Keys to preserve her longevity). (Web site)


  1. Patrice Rushen was one of the greats that got lost in the shuffle even though her songs are easily recognizable.


  1. Straight from the Heart has been my introduction to Patrice Rushen.


  1. Patrice Rushen is a classically trained pianist.

Great Singer

  1. Patrice Rushen is a great singer.

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  1. You have reached the artist page for Patrice Rushen.

Patrice Rushen

  1. Multi-Grammy-nominated artist, PATRICE RUSHEN, is fashioning her career after her long-time friend and mentor, Quincy Jones. (Web site)
  2. Perhaps not since the heyday of Patrice Rushen and Angela Winbush has a young (female) soul musician displayed so much ability.
  3. Due to her musical talent, Patrice Rushen has made many ground-breaking achievements.


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