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  1. Permesta was a rebel movement in Indonesia, the name coming from Piagam Perjuangan Semesta Alam.
  2. Permesta was the answer from the eastern Indonesian people who disagreed with Jakarta, which gave more room to the communist party to control the government.


  1. The last Permesta rebels surrendered and swore an oath of loyalty to the central government in 1961.
  2. The Permesta rebels fought against central government troops until the last remnants surrendered and were given an amnesty in 1961.
  3. One year later, in 1958, the leaders of Permesta removed their headquarters to Manado.
  4. The fighting began soon after the declaration of Permesta and lasted until around 1961 when both sides agreed to a cease fire and amnesty for the insurgents.
  5. Permesta troops were cornered and AURI performed many air operations in Indonesian eastern territory like Mena operation to occupy Morotai airport.
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