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  1. Peterborough is a city in Cambridgeshire, in the east of England.
  2. Peterborough is a cathedral city and Unitary Authority in the East of England.
  3. Peterborough is a city in Cambridgeshire, in the east of England . Along with surrounding towns it forms a Peterborough unitary authority.


  1. Along with surrounding towns it forms the Peterborough unitary authority .
  2. This is about the English city of Peterborough.
  3. Peterborough Cathedral is one of the most notablemediaeval cathedrals in Britain .
  4. One curious fact about Peterborough is that there is a church (St.
  5. The philosopher Richard Cumberland (1631---1718) became bishop of Peterborough in 1691.


  1. Huntingdon and Peterborough was a short-lived administrative county in England.
  2. The Soke of Peterborough was historically associated with Northamptonshire.
  3. The Peterborough and District Football League is a football competition based in England.
  4. The Soke of Peterborough was merged with Huntingdonshire in 1965 to form Huntingdon and Peterborough.
  5. One of the most notable closures was that of the line connecting Northampton to Peterborough by way of Wellingborough, Thrapston, and Oundle.


  1. Norwich is connected to Peterborough via Kings Lynn by the A47, the (port of) Ipswich by the A140, Cambridge (and the motorway M11 to London) by the A11.
  2. Occasional diesel trains serve London Stansted Airport . The important UK rail hub of Peterborough is also within reach of Cambridge.


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