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  1. Pforzheim is a city in Baden, southwestern Germany.
  2. Pforzheim is a town of 115,000 inhabitants.
  3. Pforzheim is a town of 119,000 inhabitants in the state of Baden-W--rttemberg, south-west Germany at the gate to the Black Forest.
  4. Pforzheim is a city of 115,000 inhabitants in the state of Baden-W-rttemberg, south-west Germany at the gate to the Black Forest.
  5. Pforzheim is the site of a Local Court of Justice which belongs to the District Court and Higher District Court Precinct of Karlsruhe.


  1. The Pforzheim Jewellery Museum and the Chamber of Commerce are about 1 km away, the train station about 200 m.
  2. With victory just weeks away, an even worse fate befell the small city of Pforzheim, famous only for its jewellery; a third of its people were killed.


  1. She bought the gasoline necessary for her trip back home in a " pharmacy " in Pforzheim.
  2. By Car -- Pforzheim lies beside the high-speed A-8 Autobahn that stretches between Munich and Karlsruhe.
  3. From 1900: Revival of the Pforzheim watchmaking industry.
  4. Pforzheim is located at the railway line Karlsruhe-Stuttgart.
  5. By Bus -- Bus travel to Pforzheim is a lot less practical than rail travel.


  1. On this occasion the mint of the Margraves of Baden in Pforzheim was mentioned.
  2. The Margraves of Baden considered Pforzheim as their most important power base up to the first half of the 14th century.

Black Forest

  1. The city of Pforzheim represents the door to the Black Forest.
  2. The city of Pforzheim represents the gate to the Black Forest.

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City Council

  1. However, final decisions on the matter will be made by the Pforzheim city council.
  2. The city council of Pforzheim consists of the Lord Mayor as its president and 40 elected (part-time) councillors.


  1. In the post-2nd-world-war era it accommodated 12.000 spectators at the cup matches 1st FC Pforzheim - 1.
  2. This is the classical soccer stadium of the 1st FC Pforzheim soccer club of 1896, which was inaugurated in 1913.

During World

  1. Although it was severely damaged by bombs during World War II, Pforzheim is a worthwhile site for an overnight stay between forays into the Black Forest.
  2. During World War II Pforzheim was bombed a number of times.


  1. Download high resolution version (1161x776, 853 KB)Pforzheim: Memorial of the timber floating profession in medieval Pforzheim, located on Auer Bridge.
  2. Download high resolution version (1280x960, 196 KB)Pforzheim: View of the new city hall building, seen from across Enz river and Waisenhaus Square.


  1. He attended the Latin School section of the monastery school run by the Dominican order of Pforzheim in the late 1460s.
  2. Later, partly due to Reuchlin's efforts, the Latin School of Pforzheim developed into one of the most prominent schools in southwestern Germany.


  1. When the French troops left after about one week of occupation, they again looted Pforzheim and put it on fire.
  2. Since the 19th century at the latest Catholics settled in Pforzheim again.


  1. Among the dead were several hundred foreigners who had been in Pforzheim as forced labor workers.
  2. In short - Pforzheim is once again a city of jewels and a jewel of a city it has always been.


  1. Many Pforzheim citizens were buried in common graves at Pforzheim's main cemetery because they could not be identified.
  2. There were also plans to establish a university in Pforzheim, but this plan had to be abandoned because Margrave Charles I lost the Battle of Seckenheim.


  1. During the following two years French troops stayed away from Pforzheim, but the economic situation of the town was miserable.
  2. Pforzheim stayed one of the administrative centers of Baden.


  1. The Parkhotel Pforzheim is directly located in the city center, situated at a small park with direct connection to the CongressCenter Pforzheim.
  2. In addition, Pforzheim became the administrative center of the newly formed Northern Black Forest Region.
  3. Download high resolution version (2048x1536, 656 KB)Pforzheim: View of the city center from Buckenberg.
  4. Under Margrave Bernard I (Bernhard I) Pforzheim became one of the administrative centers of the margraviate.


  1. Parkhotel Pforzheim For a qualitatively good print, take the download at the end of the side.
  2. Im Parkhotel Pforzheim empf--ngt Sie eine Atmosph--re voll Licht und W--rme, gepr--gt von dem gro--z--gigen Flair der Lobby.


  1. The following towns and communities share borderlines with the City of Pforzheim.
  2. In the twenty years following the end of the war Pforzheim was gradually rebuilt, giving the town a quite modern look.


  1. Fifty years later this institution was to become the incubator of Pforzheim's jewellery and watchmaking industries.
  2. The Pforzheim Business School was the successor institution of the National Business College, which was established in 1963.


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